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Joint Executive Board of HI & IHF = National Sports Federation for Hockey

As per a 25-July, 2011 press release from Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt of India, “In a significant way forward, Indian Hockey Federation (I.H.F) & Hockey India (H.I) today came together to sign an agreement leading upto formation of a joint executive board which shall perform the function of the National Sports Federation for Hockey. ”

Indian Hockey Federation

Indian Hockey Federation

Is it a really way forward, may not be, as K Arumugam of writes the facts which may have been ignored by most of columnists, “Whether we add medals to our kitty or not, whether we add quality players to our national team or not, we are adept at adding organizations. Indian Hockey Confederation (2000), IHF since long, to Ad-Hoc committee (2008) to Hockey India (2009) and then now (2011) now a neo-avtar, Joint Executive Board (JEB). ” (read the full article here)

But, as every other Indian Hockey follower, I am also very happy to see the progress and hopeful that the day, when IHF is back in the thick of action of Indian Hockey, will be the turning point for Indian Hockey. I have written down salient points of the deal between IHF and HI as published by Indian Express and are given below in the current article. I am also helpful that the deal will help in the smooth organization of the first edition of World Series Hockey, an annual hockey league by IHF and Nimbus Sport, which will be another mile stone for Indian Hockey. Continue reading →

FIH Statement regarding World Series Hockey: Press Release

Following various recent reports in the media, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) would like to reiterate its position on the proposed World Series Hockey event which is being developed by the Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) in conjunction with Nimbus Sport.

world series hockeyThe Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) is not recognised by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) as the governing body for the sport in India. The IHF has not been recognised by the FIH since 2000. Instead the FIH recognises Hockey India as the sole national governing body for hockey in India.

The FIH would like to restate that it has not changed its position on World Series Hockey. It remains an unsanctioned event as per the FIH Statutes and Bye-Laws. Continue reading →

World Series Hockey by Nimbus sports

Adrian D'souza, will be leading a team at WSH

World Series Hockey” by Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) and Nimbus Sport has announced the captains and dates for the first edition of the annual hockey league having 61 matches to be played between 15th December, 2011 to 22nd January, 2012. Teams are from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Punjab have confirm. The list of 8 Captains was announced which has 4 Indians (Sardar Singh, Arjun Halappa, Adrian D’Souza, Prabhjot Singh) and 4 Internationals – Brent Livermore (Australia), Rodrigo Garza (Spain), Rehan Butt (Pakistan) & Lucas Vila (Argentina).

The objective of the League is to reinvigorate hockey in India and to make hockey the ‘sport of choice’ for young Indians. Further it aims at creating a milieu for hockey, which can sustain itself financially and provides financial incentive and security to current and future hockey players. Most importantly, it will showcase Indian hockey to the world. An annual event, the League entails participation of upto 10 teams in its first year, using a city based model. The entire event will take place on ‘home and away’ basis culminating into multi header Playoffs.  Each match of the league will be produced and broadcast LIVE on multiple media platforms including Television.

IHF Vs HI backed by FIH, will benefit hockey and players

World Series Hockey Logo

World Series Hockey

FIH has communicated its stance on WSH (World Series Hockey of Nimbus of IHF) and they have mentioned they have been planning to establish a professional league under the banner of FIH and HI. This is a similar situation to ICL and IPL, which resulted in beneficial for players and the game. If the current sequence of events goes that way then it will be really advantageous for hockey in general and Indian Hockey in particular, but the condition is that HI should exploit the opportunity and should run the show for betterment of the hockey in India and subcontinent, rather being busy in filling up their pockets.

FIH communicates on Indian World Series (from:
On January 24, the FIH sent a letter to all its member national associations regarding a reported new hockey league in India. Below is the letter in which the FIH explains its stance in regards to the proposed World Series of Hockey. Continue reading →