India vs Pakistan: Should Collaborate and Fight it out Together

Is India vs Pakistan game that big? One India Vs Pakistan match changes the value of tournament itself in terms of viewership, news coverage and hype, but does it matter for India and Pakistan when they finish in lower half of the standings in the tournament? Or it matters for their rivalry and pride.

India Pakistan FlagsWhat makes me sad is current the situation of hockey in both countries Pakistan and India and we are happy wining against each others, rather than focusing on regaining our status of power houses. We (India and Pakistan) have abilities to excel and reach the heights of past glory again, but why are not we able to, even after trying different combinations of foreign coaches, young/experienced/mixed squads and/or traditional attacking/European style of play? Because, we do not have a leader who can lead us till the top and has capability to arrest our fall which generally happens after rising upto a certain level. I feel we can not find it outside somewhere, rather we will have to look for it within ourselves. Continue reading →

Gurjinder Singh of Chandigarh Comets: Bridgestone WSH ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Golden Stick’

Gurjinder Singh (IND)

Gurjinder SinghGurjinder Singh

City / State : Punjab, DOB: 1-04-1994
Field Position : Defender
Junior India debut: Sultan Johor Cup 2011 (Named Captain, but could not play due to injury)
WSH Team: Chandigarh Comets
WSH Goals: 19

Chandigarh Comets’ 18-year-old drag-flick powerhouse Gurjinder Singh made a dream debut in the league, and won Bridgestone WSH ‘Rockstar’ to take home a cash prize of Rs 1 crore . He also shared Bridgestone WSH ‘Golden Stick’ with Syed Imran Warsi from Chennai Cheetahs (19 goals apiece).

His Hockey Story: He comes from a village where every school, every child plays hockey. His interest in hockey grew when he saw India’s international player Prabhjot Singh (from same village) play, and to see someone from that small area representing the national team was very encouraging for Gujinder Singh. So he started playing hockey when he was 10 years old. A year later, he joined the Chandigarh football and hockey academy. Since then, there has been a steady growth. Continue reading →

It’s great to be back in India: Zeeshan Ashraf

The first batch of Pakistani players have arrived in India for World Series Hockey.

world series hockeyZeeshan Ashraf, former captain of Pakistan, who will be marshaling the flanks as a full back and Adnan Maqsood, who will look to control the game from the center of the midfield, touched down in Bangalore this afternoon, where they will be representing the Karnataka Lions.

They will begin their preparations through a high intensity camp being conducted for  all members of the team. The camp has been specially designed by the coaches keeping in mind individual skill sets that can be synced with the team strategy.

Adnan Maqsood said, “I’m delighted to be in India for World Series Hockey. It’s a great initiative for our sport and it’s going to be fun to play with the mix of international superstars and Indian players. The training camp will help us greatly in coming up with a winning strategy for the team.”

Zeeshan Ashraf says – “It’s great to be back in India. We have a strong team and will be looking use the training camp to bond with each other. I can’t wait to get started.”