Nimbus and IHF announce dates for WSH Season 2: From 15 December 2012 to 20 January, 2013

Mumbai, 6 September: After the resounding success of the first season of World Series Hockey, Nimbus and IHF have announced the dates for the second season. The world’s biggest hockey league will be played from Saturday, 15 December 2012 to Sunday, 20 January 2013.

Yannic Colaco (COO, Nimbus Sport) and R K Shetty (President IHF) during 1st Season of WSH

File Photo: Yannic Colaco (COO, Nimbus Sport) and R K Shetty (President, IHF) during 1st Season of WSH

The inaugural season of World Series Hockey was a resounding success with the championship being watched in over 30 countries on television and over 65 countries on YouTube. The unique television tune-ins in India was over 32 million; triple that of the English Premier League in the same period.

The 5 week long inaugural tournament created unprecedented buzz in terms of daily prime time action on television and record fan walk-ins in the stadium. An aggressive 360-degree marketing campaign and extensive media coverage resulted in extremely high awareness and consumption of World Series Hockey. Continue reading →

Glittering new Mumbai stadium unveiled for WSH

INR 100 Million invested to transform venue into world class facility

Mumbai, the city which has produced many a hockey great, will now have a refurbished arena in which future hockey stars will be born. The Mumbai stadium will now be fully equipped to host an International tournament.

MHA Stadium

MHA Stadium

In preparation for the first edition of the path breaking World Series Hockey event, the Mumbai Hockey Association has completed the up gradation process for the stadium which will play host to the Mumbai franchise in the biggest hockey tournament in the world.

The renovation included the laying of a new top-of-the-line turf that is also being used for the 2012 London Olympics; installation of brand new floodlights capable of providing lighting at three different intensities i.e. 600, 800 and 1200 Lux for domestic, national and international matches respectively; a cutting edge electronic scoreboard along with the addition of a fresh manual scoreboard; the addition of a stand for video recording by coaches; a modern players dugout; a technical table for officials; and contemporary dressing rooms for the players among other facilities.

Gurbux Singh, Secretary of Mumbai Hockey Association, said, “The support provided by WSH was the motivation in getting the MHA stadium ready in time. It will be a privilege to host a tournament as big as WSH and we are keenly looking forward to the home matches that the Mumbai team will play here.” Continue reading →

Players opting out of WSH?

Players' Letter to HI Regarding WSH source:

Mr Yannick Colaco, COO, Nimbus Sport says, “We have heard about a supposed letter that has been purportedly signed by a few players of the Indian team. We find it extremely odd that players would have chosen to “write” to a third party to withdraw from World Series Hockey, especially since this third party has nothing to do with this historic event. We thus are unable to judge whether this supposed letter is a fabrication or an extortion.

What we do know for a fact is that NOT A SINGLE WSH player has communicated in person or email to us regarding their non availability for the inaugural edition of World Series Hockey. In fact, we have had repeated confirmation from all our players that they are extremely excited to be a part of this Event which will finally give the sport of hockey its proper due. In addition, WSH players have been in constant touch with their franchise coaches even during the draft process (28th November).

We look forward to working closely with the all the stakeholders of Indian hockey, including the players, franchisees, coaches and fans, to staging a hugely successful inaugural edition of World Series Hockey”

Ok, you have read the letter, what do you think of it? Do you agree with Yannick Colaco?
I don’t think about anything of it, but hate the way players being treated, they are being put in such situation, that too in the middle of all important tournament , which not only helping in preparations for Olympic Qualifiers but also critical improving rankings and to get a place in next year’s Champions Trophy in Australia. It would have been great, if Hockey India could announced the list of probables for the camp for Olympic Qualifiers at this time instead of this letter, would have waited to see who all are joining the camp.

Chennai Sports Organisers own “Chennai Cheetahs” a franchise of WSH

World Series Hockey has concluded the franchise allocation process and has announced that Chennai Sports Organisers Pvt Ltd (CSO) as the franchise owner for Chennai, which is named as “Chennai Cheetahs“. Rest of the frenchise will be announced by WSH over the next few days.

world series hockeyL T Nanwani, the Director of Chennai Sports Organisers, (also the Director and Promoter of Jubilee Granites, a leading mining company in South India that exclusively owns products like ‘Black’ and ‘Black Galaxy’ granite), said  “It is a matter of great pride to own a franchise in the prestigious World Series Hockey. Chennai has always had a strong sports culture and we are committed to strengthen the talent pool of hockey players. Extensive research has revealed that speed is a key attribute of the sport and hence our team is going to be aptly called Chennai Cheetahs”
“India has a strong hockey legacy and we will strive towards bringing the glory back. This is the first step for CSO and in the near future, we will expand our sports business by investing in multiple sports to create greater local connect with the fans”, he added. Continue reading →