Two New Zealand hockey umpires promoted to World Panel

Two New Zealand umpires, Nigel Iggo (Canterbury) and Simon Taylor (North Harbour), have been promoted by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) to the Umpiring World Panel due to their performance at the London Olympics.

Both previously on the World Development Panel, the promotion means they are now among a small group of umpires who are recognised as the best in the world. The FIH look to those on the World Panel for their appointments to the sport’s biggest events – Olympic Games, World Cups and the Champions Trophy. Continue reading →

A brief about Video Referrals for Field Hockey at London Olympics

FIH has confirmed that Video Umpire will be operational at the London Olympics for field hockey matches on the main pitch in Riverbank Arena. Hockey is also making use of technology as it is becoming an increasingly important part of sports.

File Photo: A match umpire with Microphone to Communicate with Video Umpire

File Photo: A match umpire with Microphone to Communicate with Video Umpire

Beijing Olympics also utilized the services of video umpire but back then, only the match umpire could refer but in London Olympics, each team is allowed  one team referral in addition to the referral by umpire, i.e. very similar to the World Cup 2010 (Delhi).

In London, field umpires will have an option to refer their decisions to a video umpire to convince themselves before taking a decision of awarding or disallowing a goal or whether there was a breach of the rules in the play leading to the goal in the attacking quarter. Any player on the pitch at the time of incident may request for referral for his team at any time during a match, including extra time in classification matches, but during shoot-outs only umpire referrals are allowed. Continue reading →