U.S. Olympic Women’s Field Hockey Team competes on 40th anniversary of Title IX

NBC Sports Network will broadcast the final match of the U.S. verses Argentina series tomorrow,
Saturday, June 23, on the 40th Anniversary of Title IX

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – The flickering lights of forty candles cast a soft illumination on the sheet cake.

These candles belong to millions. They belong to the athlete who double-ties the shoelaces of her cleats, intricately weaves florescent string through her tennis racket and conceals the perfect bun underneath her rubber swimming cap – to all American female athletes of every sport at every level.

Saturday, June 23 marks the 40th anniversary of the implementation of Title IX. This landmark 1972 portion of the Education Amendments states that no person in the United States can, on the basis of gender, be excluded from participation or be discriminated at any education program or activity. Continue reading →