India vs Pakistan: Should Collaborate and Fight it out Together

Is India vs Pakistan game that big? One India Vs Pakistan match changes the value of tournament itself in terms of viewership, news coverage and hype, but does it matter for India and Pakistan when they finish in lower half of the standings in the tournament? Or it matters for their rivalry and pride.

India Pakistan FlagsWhat makes me sad is current the situation of hockey in both countries Pakistan and India and we are happy wining against each others, rather than focusing on regaining our status of power houses. We (India and Pakistan) have abilities to excel and reach the heights of past glory again, but why are not we able to, even after trying different combinations of foreign coaches, young/experienced/mixed squads and/or traditional attacking/European style of play? Because, we do not have a leader who can lead us till the top and has capability to arrest our fall which generally happens after rising upto a certain level. I feel we can not find it outside somewhere, rather we will have to look for it within ourselves. Continue reading →

India’s 50th Win Against Pakistan

India defeated arch-rival Pakistan 2-1 in its last pool of the 21st Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2012 at Ipoh, Malaysia. This is India’s 50th win against Pakistan. Sandeep Singh scored India’s first goal in 31st minute and right forward SV Sunil scored the winner goal in 69th minute of the match, i.e. India’s 290th goal against Pakistan. For Pakistan, only Sohail Abbas could registered his name on score board.

SV Sunil

SV Sunil Caricature

“If Pakistan beat Great Britain and Malaysia beat Argentina with the margin of 2 or more goals in their last league matches, then only India will be final against New Zealand on Sunday, in any other case India will be playing for Bronze, but opponent could one of Argentina, Great Britain, Korea and Malaysia.”

The match was goal-less and slow until 31st minute, when India’s ace drag-flicker Sandeep Singh found the target on a penalty. Few minutes after the lemon break, match started gaining pace and Pakistan attacked on when India went in defending mode. Pakistan’s skipper and veteran drag-flicker Sohail Abbas scored in 61st with a grounder flick through the pads of Indian captain and goalkeeper Bharat Chetri. And match came to life again with both the teams attacking for winner goal in the dying moment. Beauty of the was in 69th minute, when India’s Birendra Lakra (awarded Man of the Match later) tackled near baseline and launched counter attack by throwing the ball to SK Uthappa in left mid field, who picked up the ball moved forward before dropping off the ball for Sardar Singh to his right, then Sardar Singh located fast paced SV Sunil wandering freely in Pakistani semi-circle and passed to him. SV Sunil did rest of the job by going through the charging goalie of Pakistan and sent the ball in goal post while diving forward to win the game for India.

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2012 Points Table Till 31st May (Results Here): Continue reading →