Wooden spoon for India Glasgow CC1 (Women’s)

On the last day of FIH Champions Challenge 1 (Women’s) at Glasgow (Scotland), the hosts Scotland came back from 1-3 down at 63rd minute to win game by 4-3 to hand over wooden spoon to India, while Korea defeated Belgium 2-1 in shoot-out after having scores tied at the regulation time to finish at the 5th place.

India vs Scotland at FIH Women's Champions Challenge 1 at Glasgow (Credits: Rodrigo Jaramillo)

Though India played a competitive game but lost out in last 7 minute even after having a goalless first half and leading 3-1 in 63 minute.

In the sparkling second half of the game Scotland’s Vikki Bunce took the lead and found the target in 44th minute. The game turned out to be in favour of the India as this time there were three continuous goals that came from the Indian team. India’s Neha Goyal, playing her first international tournament, equalized the score and gave India’s first goal in 46th minute on a penalty corner. Continue reading →