Hockey enjoys participation boost

Almost 27,000 more people playing hockey according to latest statistics

Friday, 22 June 2012: In an exciting year for hockey in England, the sport received a boost today as it was revealed that the number of adults playing hockey increased by almost 27,000 in the past six months.

The statistics form part of the Active People Survey released by Sport England and reflect the trend that the England Hockey Board has seen in its affiliation figures since 2007, in which adult affiliation has increased 14% and young people by 18%.

The increase is credited in part to the early impact of a host of programmes introduced by the England Hockey Board since the last quarter of 2011.  Rush Hockey, the sport’s casual 5-a-side format, and Back to Hockey sessions for women have been well received and well attended while the sport’s Hockey Nation Olympic engagement programme has seen hockey ‘out and about’ at public events across the country. A milder winter is also thought to have encouraged more people to play than in recent years. Continue reading →