Chennai Sports Organisers own “Chennai Cheetahs” a franchise of WSH

World Series Hockey has concluded the franchise allocation process and has announced that Chennai Sports Organisers Pvt Ltd (CSO) as the franchise owner for Chennai, which is named as “Chennai Cheetahs“. Rest of the frenchise will be announced by WSH over the next few days.

world series hockeyL T Nanwani, the Director of Chennai Sports Organisers, (also the Director and Promoter of Jubilee Granites, a leading mining company in South India that exclusively owns products like ‘Black’ and ‘Black Galaxy’ granite), said  “It is a matter of great pride to own a franchise in the prestigious World Series Hockey. Chennai has always had a strong sports culture and we are committed to strengthen the talent pool of hockey players. Extensive research has revealed that speed is a key attribute of the sport and hence our team is going to be aptly called Chennai Cheetahs”
“India has a strong hockey legacy and we will strive towards bringing the glory back. This is the first step for CSO and in the near future, we will expand our sports business by investing in multiple sports to create greater local connect with the fans”, he added. Continue reading →