Katie Baker retires from Team Canada : Inspirational Captain steps down after 114 international appearances

Over the past six years, Katie Baker has had an incredible impact on the Women’s National Field Hockey Team.  Baker has officially announced her retirement from Team Canada.  Though she moves on, her leadership as Team Captain and competitive spirit have truly transformed the culture of the Women’s National Program.

Katie Baker (Photo Credit: Field Hockey Canada/ Wilfred Lach)

Katie Baker (Photo Credit: Field Hockey Canada/ Wilfred Lach)

“The change in culture over the past quadrennial is really due to Baker’s leadership,” says teammate Thea Culley.  “She is responsible for igniting the fire in each of us to want to change how we operate. Her legacy of relentless hard work will remain because she worked so tirelessly to instil a sense of pride in each of her teammates.”

Katie has been captain of the Women’s National Team since January 2010, when she became co-captain with Stephanie Nesbitt.  Nesbitt retired following the 2010 Commonwealth Games, and Baker went on to further develop her leadership style – marked by compassion and commitment to team.

“Baker’s leadership actually contributed a lot to my development as a coach,” says Paul Bundy, Head Coach of the Women’s National Team.  “When I first met her, she was just a few years into her career with the National Team.  As I emerged into the Assistant Coach role, Katie emerged into the Captain role.  She taught me a lot about player development, and how people respond in various situations.” Continue reading →