IHF Vs HI backed by FIH, will benefit hockey and players

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FIH has communicated its stance on WSH (World Series Hockey of Nimbus of IHF) and they have mentioned they have been planning to establish a professional league under the banner of FIH and HI. This is a similar situation to ICL and IPL, which resulted in beneficial for players and the game. If the current sequence of events goes that way then it will be really advantageous for hockey in general and Indian Hockey in particular, but the condition is that HI should exploit the opportunity and should run the show for betterment of the hockey in India and subcontinent, rather being busy in filling up their pockets.

FIH communicates on Indian World Series (from: www.fih.ch)
On January 24, the FIH sent a letter to all its member national associations regarding a reported new hockey league in India. Below is the letter in which the FIH explains its stance in regards to the proposed World Series of Hockey. Continue reading →