New Associations/Academies Inducted in Hockey India

Hockey India announced induction of Major Ports Sports Control Board as its 23rd Associate Member, Mumbai Schools Sports Association as its 2nd Hoc-Key Member and three new academy members in the form of Hockey Village India, Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University Hockey Academy, Fatehgarh Sahib (Punjab) and Mata Sahib Kaur Hockey Academy Jarkhar, Ludhiana.

Michael Nobbs training the Kids at MDC National Stadium: Hockey Village India

Michael Nobbs training the Kids at MDC National Stadium: Hockey Village India

Hockey India currently has 26 Permanent Members, 23 Associate Members, 1 Member through State Olympic Associations, 9 Academy Members and 2 Hoc-Key Members.

Since its inception in 1976, Major Ports Sports Control Board has successfully participated in the zonal as well as national level championships around the year and which has helped identify players at a very young age. They even have to their credit of organising the ‘All India Major Ports Hockey Championship’ from over 30 years. Atulya Misra, I.A.S is the President and G Harichandran is the General Secretary of the Major Ports Sports Control Board. Continue reading →

“Stick to Dreams” A Hockey Movie by Chinmaye, IDC, IIT Bombay

Stick to Dreams – A story of a young German lady who came to India as a tourist and fell in love with the rustic countryside. she saw a dream…to produce hockey talent for India…Andrea Thumshirn … who epitomizes courage to dream big.

Andrea had set up Hockey Village India in Rajasthan, where nobody played Hockey!
A dusty way to a new ground.. Hockey Village India @ Garh Himmat Singh, Rajasthan

Directed by – Chinmaye Bhave
An IDC IIT Bombay Presentation
Releasing Soon!

Hockey Village India

The Fans of Hockey (Hockey Fans Club on Facebook) requests you to join us in supporting the project Hockey Village India. Please go through the post for details about the project.

About Bua Sa Hockeyvillage India

Sports & Education for a better future!

Helping others to help themselves is our device!

Everybody has a right to education – but not everybody has the oportunity! Therefore it is our aim to support rural areas in India and give the children a chance for a better education. We provide free english classes in the afternoon – then we bring them to our new hockey ground where we provide sticks to play. Volunteers in the village take care of the classes and provide the necessary infrastructure for the children. Our target is, to involve the villagers as much as we can so that they can take over the project one day…
Indian National player and FIH player Sardar Singh is the new ambassador of the village!!

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