“Stick to Dreams” A Hockey Movie by Chinmaye, IDC, IIT Bombay

Stick to Dreams – A story of a young German lady who came to India as a tourist and fell in love with the rustic countryside. she saw a dream…to produce hockey talent for India…Andrea Thumshirn … who epitomizes courage to dream big.

Andrea had set up Hockey Village India in Rajasthan, where nobody played Hockey!
A dusty way to a new ground.. Hockey Village India @ Garh Himmat Singh, Rajasthan

Directed by – Chinmaye Bhave
An IDC IIT Bombay Presentation
Releasing Soon!

HOCKEY IN MY BLOOD: The Documentary Film on Kodava Hockey

The documentary film ‘HOCKEY IN MY BLOOD’, features the most awaited event on the local calendar in Coorg, the Kodava Hockey Festival. Coorg (Kodagu) is a small, hilly coffee growing region in South India. Its people, the Kodavas, are a martial-tribal community known for strong ties to land and family.  It is said that if a Kodava is not working on a coffee plantation, he is likely either in the Indian army or playing field hockey.

Every summer, Kodavas of all ages get ready to compete in the unique inter-family Hockey Festival. In 2013, the Madanda Family plays host to the 17th straight edition of the annual event, with over 200 families in contention. The chief organizer is a former rugby player. A proud sportsman, he wants to set world standards in Coorg and works hard to transform barren hinterland into a hockey field. In this background, the film moves between Coorg and Bangalore, exploring the Kodavas’ historic love for the game. We see players from many families, young boys and girls, fathers, uncles, mothers, professionals and even former Olympic heroes. With the families playing for bragging rights for the rest of the year, victories are hard-fought and competition can get heated. At the end of the month-long event, there will be just one winning team but many winners – the sport and the sense of community not least among them. Welcome to The Kodava Hockey Festival! Continue reading →