Jamie Dwyer Hates Own Goal Rule in Hockey: Do you also?

Jamie Dwyer - Kookaburras / Australian Hockey Player (Photo Credit: Raghu Prasad R V)

Five-time World Player of the Year, Olympic Gold medalist and Australian co-captain Jamie Dwyer has announced this week on twitter that he hates Own Goal rule in hockey.

Wow! A pretty emphatic statement if ever I (Adam Clifford) saw one. I can’t imagine many defenders or goalkeepers are keen on this rule, but if the world’s best striker also isn’t on board then alarm bells should be ringing for the FIH rules committee.

Dwyer is of course referring to what the FIH termed a “mandatory experiment” in which if the ball touches or is played by a player of the defending team in the shooting circle, and then travels over the goal line without first leaving the circle, then it will be counted as an “own goal” against the defending team. FIH approved this rule effective on January 1, 2013. Continue reading →