FIH Hockey Academy and START Hockey are Launched

  • FIH’s Hockey Academy is officially live and set to provide educational resources world-wide
  • First stage of Educator Workforce programme hailed a success
  • ‘START Hockey’ online programme available for everyone

FIH Hockey AcademyThe International Hockey Federation’s (FIH) Hockey Academy is now live thanks to the delivery of stage one of the Educator Workforce programme alongside the launch of the START Hockey on-line programme. In partnership with the World Academy of Sport, the FIH Hockey Academy aims to deliver a simplified education framework for nations and continents to develop coaches, officials and managers from grass roots through to a high performance level.

Stage one of the Educator Workforce programme started during the Champions Challenge 1 in Glasgow, Scotland.  A series of courses were held including Trainer training, Coach Educator training and a pilot of the FIH Hockey Academy Coach Level 1 Award. The FIH Hockey Academy Educator Workforce defines three levels – a Trainer, who trains Educators; an Educator, who educates coaches or officials; and a Coach, who coaches athletes. Continue reading →