Hockey India Held its 22nd Executive Board Meeting

29 March 2014: Hockey India today held its 22nd Executive Board meeting at Holiday Inn Hotel in New Delhi. Some major decisions were taken in the meeting along with routine matters of the Federation.

With the aim of promoting hockey as a sport across the world, Hockey India took a strategic decision to provide aid to Afghanistan Hockey Federation, as Afghanistan Hockey Federation had requested for aid in a communiqué received early this month. In the meeting, HI Board has agreed to send Hockey Sticks, Balls and Goalkeeper Pads to them. Continue reading →

FIH Executive Board Meets: Extra time is out, shot clock for penalty corners is in

The FIH Executive Board met for the first time after the elections of new members at FIH Congress in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in November 2012. This was one of its three annual meetings.

International Hockey Federation (FIH) LogoAs per the report published on FIH (International Hockey Federation) website, the Executive Board decided to bring in a 45-second shot clock for all penalty corners, which will come in effect from the Women’s Hockey World League Round 4 tournament in Argentina.The board also decided to remove extra time from FIH events, thus classifications games will directly go into shootout, if tied after regulation time of 70 minutes. Continue reading →