ESB Electric Ireland FIH Champions Challenge I – 2011 (Women’s)

Pool A: Japan, South Africa, United States, Scotland
Pool B: Spain, India, Azerbaijan, Ireland
Detailed Schedule of the FIH Champions Challenge 1 2011 (Women’s) (Times are indicated in BST):

Final Standings: 1. Japan, 2. United States, 3. Scotland, 4. Spain, 5. South Africa, 6. Ireland, 7. India and 8. Azerbaijan

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FIH Champions Challenge I – 2011 (Women’s): India finished at 7th

Both Indian men’s and women’s team have been inconsistent in recent years, on their day they can any team in the world and can lose to any on their off-day, the same story repeated at Dublin (Ireland) in ESB Electric Ireland FIH Champions Challenge I – 2011 (Women’s), where Indian eves finished lowly 7th after finishing 2nd their pool B.

India, 11th in ranking, started their campaign with a lost (1-2) against hosts Ireland (15th in ranking), but came back against Spain (10th in ranking) for a draw (1-1) and thrashed Azerbaijan (14th in ranking) by 6-1 in their last league stage game and finished 2nd in the pool B after hosts Ireland. But lost narrowly (0-1) in quarters to tough Asian rivals Japan and bowed out of the race for Champions Trophy 2012. Losing to South Africa (0-2) in the first match of 5-8 classification forced India to play for 7-8 against Azerbaijan, which India won (3-1) by coming back strongly from 0-1 at halftime.

Final Standings (Current World Ranking):
1st: Japan (9)
2nd: United States (13)

3rd: Scotland (21)
4th: Spain (10)

5th: South Africa (12)
6th: Ireland (15)

7th: India (11)
8th: Azerbaijan (14)

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