KSHA ‘C’ Division Hockey League Championship 2013-14

KSHA ‘C’ Division Hockey League Championship 2013-14: 2nd & 3rd Phase

17th-24th October 2013 at KSHA Hockey Stadium, Bangalore

Final Standings:
1. Jude Felix Hockey Academy,
2. Major Dhyanchand Hockey Club, Dharwad
3. RDT Hockey Academy, Anantapur (Stick for India)
4. Dhyanchand Hockey Club, Tumkur

KSHA Hockey Stadium

2nd Phase Teams (Pool Toppers in 1st Phase)
Pool-A: Dhyanchand HC, Tumkur; Bangalore United H C; D A Association; RDT Hockey Academy
Pool-B: Major Dhyanchand HC, Dharwad; Falcon H C; Aiyappa H A; Jude Felix Hockey Academy

3rd Phase: Top 2 teams from each Pool A & Pool B (A1, A2, B1 & B2) in 2nd Phase
: RDT Hockey Academy, A2: Dhyanchand HC, Tumkur
B1: Jude Felix Hockey Academy, B2: Major Dhyanchand HC, Dharwad

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