Hockey in India

If you landed on this page looking for Indian Hockey News then please visit team India page here, but before that please fill in the following details and help us in our small effort to collect the information about all the groups, whether an academy, a state/dist federation, a school/college/university or an NGO, but it is involved in hockey coaching, playing and promoting hockey in India. We intend to use this information for connecting the people, who are working towards improving hockey in India or looking for an opportunity to play hockey in their neighborhood.

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Hockey in India — 3 Comments

  1. there was one player in the hockey tournament last played and was called rebel league due to the fight in the two associations he was a dragflicker was very young also can some one tell his name

  2. A very good attempt in co coordinating the various individuals and organizations and Trusts doing omen services for the development of Hockey in India to get recognized and gain and share the experience….

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