Its Not About Champions Trophies, but About Our Heroes

We have lost the hosting rights of Champions Trophy 2011 (goes to Auckland, New Zealand) and likely to loose Olympic Qualifiers, if the current situation prevails? What do we do, shall we stop supporting our players/best players, who are our heroes, have won/played matches for us, if Hockey India does not consider them. Here is an argument, rather a big explanation of expectations from we fans? Written by one of we fans “Esma Hasanovic”.

Michael Nobbs (Coach Team India) Obeserving players in a practice match...

Michael Nobbs (Coach Team India) is on crosshair

Some Excerpts
he doesn’t want his collar tighter & leash any shorter than they already are, both courtesy of HI…and thank god!! he doesn’t say more…trying to decipher his inconsistent mixed messages is a skill that not even the greatest detective can decode…;o)..

we are we willing to forget them while they never forget us…NA?? It’s so easy to put blame on others rather than do some self-reflection…I have always believed change must begin from within ourselves first…there are many players/fans who are ready for the CT, OQ but the country is not..

until the country has it’s affairs in order and makes it’s players welfare the priority, Indian hockey will have to struggle to regain their glory…history repeats itself,

Talent is talent…there are many players with talent, and if worked with that talent can be strengthened, but there are only a miniscule few that are born with the gift..otherwise, there would have been more like Dhyan Chand..and they would have already shown up in the Indian hockey community…and the few gifted ones that were there:

I have always believed that bad things happen sometimes for good things to come out of it…and I believe this is one of those times. Never know might be these current players that unite us all…I have much faith Indian Hockey will rise above because those players we chose to forget and also those we chose to remember (Dhyan Chand), shall never forget us…God works in mysterious ways.. Chak De Indian Hockey!! :o))))

Esma Says, “I actually posted this with a reason because I felt it was probably one of the few semi-coherent, & semi-sensible things Nobbs has said in terms of the sport suffering and federations thinking on the same terms.. without Nobbs saying too much more..OF COURSE NOT!, Continue reading →

Hockey Village India

The Fans of Hockey (Hockey Fans Club on Facebook) requests you to join us in supporting the project Hockey Village India. Please go through the post for details about the project.

About Bua Sa Hockeyvillage India

Sports & Education for a better future!

Helping others to help themselves is our device!

Everybody has a right to education – but not everybody has the oportunity! Therefore it is our aim to support rural areas in India and give the children a chance for a better education. We provide free english classes in the afternoon – then we bring them to our new hockey ground where we provide sticks to play. Volunteers in the village take care of the classes and provide the necessary infrastructure for the children. Our target is, to involve the villagers as much as we can so that they can take over the project one day…
Indian National player and FIH player Sardar Singh is the new ambassador of the village!!

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First Bharat Ratna should go to Dhyan Chand

I completely agree with Author K Arumugam who is a hockey historian, his article on Dhyan Chand was in the XI standard English Text book (CBSE syllabus) for many years (2002-2008). And request to read through learn more about the legendary Hockey Wizard Major Dhyan Chand who deserves Bharat Ratna before any other sports person in India.

First Bharat Ratna should go to Dhyan Chand : K Arumugam (

K Arumugam

K Arumugam

The time for sports lovers at large including cricket fans, has come. There have been voices — which count in India — as to cricket genius Sachin Tendulkar should be honoured with the top most civilian award Bharat Ratna (Jewel of India).

No sportsperson in India have ever been bestowed with this honour. This is in itself bad considering some unworthy individuals from other walks of life have got it. That is a different matter though. more on ….

On Hockey Fans Club (Our Facebook fan page), Ravi Teja Mandapaka had posted, “Seems after the Victory at the Cricket World Cup, the nation has gone mad which happens after such great achievements. A Bharat Ratna for Sachin is on the cards, but A” Posthumous Bharat Ratna to Dhyan Chand Sir ” is never too late to pay homage to one of the finest sports person to have born on the Indian Soil……..!

Arjun Halappa to don Captain’s Arm Band

Senior most member of the Indian team Arjun Halappa finally gets the chance to wear the Captain’s Arm Band, he has been named captain for the forthcoming Sultan Azlan Shah Cup to be held from 5th to 15th May, 2011. He was the captain of India A in 2004 and he is the most capped player of the current team (with 223 caps). He has played under captaincy of very junior players but never complained. Hope he will lead the Indian team to glory as he does in the mid-field during the game.

Arjun Halappa

Arjun Halappa

Brief Profile of Arjun Halappa Son of former East Bengal Hockey Club player B.K. Halappa, Arjun joined the Centre of Excellence in 1998. Hails from Coorg. Played his first Senior Nationals at Hyderabad next year and was picked among the 72 probables for a conditioning camp. Made his Jr.internl debut in the Europe tour same year under coaches C.R. Kumar and Harendera. Posted eight goals in the 2000 Junior Asia Cup, including a brace in the semis. Scored vital goals at Hobart Jr. World Cup before earning senior spurs in coach Cedric D’Souza’s regime as a part of title winning Dhaka Prime Minister Gold Cup team. Since then cemented his place in the senior side.

Captained India for the Prince Taekemada Cup (Gifu, Japan) in 2004. Led Bangalore Lions to PHL titles. After brief stint in Canara Bank, joined Indian Airlines in 2002 after figuring in the KL World Cup.

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Feel Turf, Chennai, programm off to a good start : One Thousand Hockey Legs

About One Thousand Hockey Legs:

Hockey is India’s national game, and is an integral part of the country’s sporting culture. This open air game, apart from building physical fitness, helps youngsters develop their personality, imbibing qualities such as stress management, leadership, decision making skills, teamwork and self confidence.

One Thousand Hockey Legs is a program envisaged by the Hockey Citizen Group, aimed at providing school children with an opportunity to understand, play and enjoy hockey.

One Thousand Hockey Legs

One Thousand Hockey Legs

The program aims to:
* Form one or two hockey teams per school
* Conduct friendly matches between schools
* Form a combined school team in each city
* Participate in State and National level competitions
* Hold exhibition matches on special occasions
* Organize an annual Hockey Run
* Mentor exceptional talent for the national team

For more details and news please visit

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Jude Felix Hockey Academy for Under-Privileged Kids



Rahul Dravid and Dhanraj Pillay at the inauguration of JFHA

The Jude Felix Hockey Academy (JFHA), Charitable Trust (Regd.),affiliated to Karnataka State hockey Association, is a non profit organization started in January 2009 by Former Internationals and national players to promote the game of Hockey amongst the under-privileged children in our country at large and develop new talent for the game.
Jude Felix is an Arjuna Awardee, Olympian and former Captain of the Indian National Hockey Team. He proudly served the national team for more than a decade.

The coaches for the program are drawn from former national and international players who come with tremendous skills, commitment and sensitivity towards this unique program. Continue reading →