Stick for India returns to ASA after ASV Hockey Academy celebrate 10th anniversary

The Anantapur Sports Academy (ASA) just concluded the 10th Anniversary celebration of its hockey academy earlier this year. And now it welcomed Andreu Enrich, the man who strengthened Hockey in Anantapur through the Stick for India project. Andreu is here to relive the 10th Anniversary celebrations and a decade long commitment to bring sports to rural India particularly Anantapur. He is doing that through the Stick for India and Hockey. Andreu spoke to us about this year’s camp and shared with us about how the 10 year celebrations have been very special. He also gave us some insights on the camp itself.

Andreu with some of the younger boys at camp

Andreu with some of the younger boys at camp

What made this year’s camp different?

The Stick for India camp structure hasn’t changed much. We trained the Anantapur Sports Village (ASV) Hockey Academy teams with a greater intensity this year. This is because we have observed that they continue to improve by leaps and bounds. However the coaching methodology and philosophy remains the same. We visited grassroot schools, played hockey games with the girls and the boys, spoke to their PE teachers and Headmasters, etc.

What did you have in mind when you brought more women coaches over this year?

The focus has always been to empower young girls through sport. We did not plan to have more women coaches this year. However, during the pre-camp period we floated a campaign to invite volunteer coaches. To our surprise, we received more applications from women coaches, and that favoured our aim at women empowerment.

The visiting Spanish coaches along with a few children from the camp

The visiting Spanish coaches along with a few children from the camp

What was your aim of the camp this year?

We received support from Sportways. Its a Dutch company that extended support to the project by providing us their coaching methodologies, modules and kit. Their philosophy to hockey is based strongly on the concept of “Fun and Learning.” We believe in the same principles. We therefore aimed to ensure that more children play the sport and enjoy doing so during this year’s Stick for India camp.

The ASA celebrated the Hockey project’s 10th anniversary, how do feel when you look back to see your involvement with the project for so many years?

I am very happy to have been part of the project. The overall progress of the program has been very satisfying as the numbers at the grassroots grow at a fair pace. This motivates me to keep moving forward. For me initially, it was only about growing the reach of my sport and working with Rural Development Trust (RDT). Now it is completely different as the project is affecting so many lives in such a positive manner.  I am just overjoyed about that fact. I do regret not being able to be there during the celebrations though but knowledge of the fact that the program celebrated its 10th year along with the opportunity I get to be here every year with all these beautiful and enthusiastic children makes me feel really wonderful.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Women’s Hockey Schedule and Results

Rio 2016 Olympic Games:
Women’s Hockey Schedule and Results

Rio 2016 Olympics Games LogoVenue: Olympic Hockey Centre
Rua Sargento Morais Pinheiro, 572-620 – Vila Militar, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, Brazil

5th – 21st August 2016

Participating Teams: 
Pool A: Netherlands, New Zealand, China, Germany, Korea, Spain
Pool B: Argentina, Australia, Great Britain, USA, Japan, India

Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Women’s Hockey Detailed Schedule and Results:

# Pool Time India Time Team1 vs Team2 Pitch
Saturday 6 August
W01 B 17:00 01:30 Argentina vs  USA 2
W02 B 20:30 05:00 Great Britain vs  Australia 1
Sunday 7 August
W03 A 10:00 18:30 New Zealand vs  Korea 1
W04 B 11:00 19:30 Japan vs  India 2
W05 A 12:30 21:00 Netherlands vs  Spain 1
W06 A 13:30 22:00 China vs  Germany 2
Monday 8 August
W07 B 10:00 18:30 Australia vs  USA 1
W08 A 13:30 22:00 New Zealand vs  Germany 2
W09 A 17:00 01:30 Netherlands vs  Korea 2
W10 B 18:00 02:30 India vs  Great Britain 1
W11 A 19:30 04:00 Spain vs  China 2
W12 B 20:30 05:00 Argentina vs  Japan 1
Tuesday 9 August Rest Day
Wednesday 10 August
W13 A 10:00 18:30 Spain vs  New Zealand 1
W14 B 11:00 19:30 India vs  Australia 2
W15 A 12:30 21:00 Germany vs  Korea 1
W16 B 13:30 22:00 Great Britain vs  Argentina 2
W17 B 17:00 01:30 USA vs  Japan 2
W18 A 18:00 02:30 China vs  Netherlands 1
Thursday 11 August
W19 A 17:00 01:30 Germany vs  Spain 2
W20 B 18:00 02:30 Australia vs  Argentina 1
W21 B 19:30 04:00 USA vs  India 2
W22 B 20:30 05:00 Japan vs  Great Britain 1
Friday 12 August
W23 A 10:00 18:30 Korea vs  China 1
W24 A 11:00 19:30 New Zealand vs  Netherlands 2
Saturday 13 August
W25 B 10:00 18:30 Argentina vs  India 1
W26 A 12:30 21:00 Netherlands vs  Germany 1
W27 A 17:00 01:30 Korea vs  Spain 2
W28 B 18:00 02:30 Great Britain vs  USA 1
W29 B 19:30 04:00 Australia vs  Japan 2
W30 A 20:30 05:00 China vs  New Zealand 1
Sunday 14 August Rest Day
Monday 15 August
QF1 10:00 18:30 v 1
QF1 12:30 21:00 v 1
QF1 18:00 02:30 v 1
QF1 20:30 05:00 v 1
Tuesday 16 August Rest Day
Wednesday 17 August
SF2 12:00 20:30 v 1
SF2 17:00 01:30 v 1
Thursday 18 August Rest Day
Friday 19 August
W37 Bronze 12:00 20:30 v 1
W38 Gold 17:00 01:30 v 1


FIH, IOC and Rio 2016 reserve the right to amend the match schedule for any reason
The sequence of quarter final matches will be advised after the completion of the pool phase
The sequence of semi final matches will be advised after the completion of the Quarter-Finals

ASV Hockey Academy celebrates Olympic Day to support Hockey India as they qualify for Rio 2016

Citius, Altius, Fortius. These three words defined sports in the world when they were chosen to be the Olympic motto. And the significance of this motto is greatly amplified as numerous countries the world over part take in Olympic Day celebrations on the 23rd of June every year marking the day the modern Olympic games were born.

This year however, Hockey India took special interest in the celebration of Olympic Day 2016 as India’s Women’s team has qualified for the Olympic Games after a long gap. Both India’s Women and Men’s teams will be participating alongside for the first time in 36 years. Attempting to resurrect India’s past successes in Hockey at the Olympic Games and encourage the Indian teams by promoting a nationwide support movement, Hockey India called upon all of its member units and academies.

ASVHA girls put the ‘Rest of Andhra Pradesh’ goalkeeper to the test

ASVHA girls put the ‘Rest of Andhra Pradesh’ goalkeeper to the test

Anantapur Sports Academy (ASA) is one of the few initiatives that focusses on the equal participation of both boys and girls in sport, with hockey playing a vital role in this. Its Anantapur Sports Village Hockey Academy, (ASVHA) is the only academy to receive a Hockey India accreditation in Andhra Pradesh owing to Hockey India’s stringent accreditation guidelines. And this brings on an added responsibility of exemplifying its participation in any activity organised by Hockey India.

Therefore ASA, along with Hockey Andhra Pradesh, made its own unique contribution to support the cause of Hockey India. It organized friendly games between ASVHA and Rest of Andhra Pradesh U19 teams at the Anantapur Sports Village (ASV) for both boys and girls. This step was taken when Hockey India called on all of its member units and academies to organise tournaments and friendly games in the run up to the Olympic Day celebrations. The games would signify the teams coming forward to show their support for their national teams on this occasion.

Tri-coloured ASVHA boys moving goalwards during their clash with the ‘Rest of Andhra Pradesh’

Tri-coloured ASVHA boys move goalwards during their clash with the ‘Rest of Andhra Pradesh’

The rest of Andhra Pradesh teams arrived on the evening of the 20th of June 2016. The boys’ teams were scheduled to play in the evening of the 21st June 2016 and the girls’ games would take place early morning on the 22nd June 2016. Both the teams came united to assert their support for Team India at the Olympics at Rio 2016, before displaying their competitive spirit during the match.

The experienced ASVHA boys took the Hockey Andhra Pradesh teams to task on their home surface, dominating possession and controlling the game on their terms for a 5-1 win over the visitors. However, a lack of experience for the ASVHA girls, most of whom joined the ASVHA only last year, showed initially as they played the game in catch up mode throughout the first half with the visitors constantly taking the lead and the hosts coming back to draw level for a half-time score of 3-3. The second half seemed similar, however the hosts dug deep for an eventual 8-6 win.

ASVHA girls flaunt their tri-colored jerseys with a ‘Thumbs Up’ in support for the Indian Hockey teams at Rio 2016

ASVHA girls flaunt their tri-colored jerseys with a ‘Thumbs Up’ to support the Indian Hockey teams for Rio 2016

The games not only allowed these teams to keep up to the competitive spirit, but also uphold the true motive of the celebrations and their show support to both our Indian Hockey Women’s and Men’s teams to encourage them in their quest for a coveted Olympic medal.

RDT supports Hockey Andhra Pradesh by hosting the Women’s National camp at the ASV

It is not the first time that the Anantapur Sports Village (ASV) has hosted a national camp for athletes representing Andhra Pradesh. As a result, Rural Development Trust’s (RDT) Anantapur Sports Academy (ASA) program continues to grow from strength to strength as an institution in itself. Simultaneously it continues to fortify a changing belief that rural India can become a hub for sporting development. With a relatively poor and desert like district of Anantapur emerging as a front runner of this changing belief and the hard work of RDT to make it a recognizable and formidable sporting destination of India standing out as an easily noticeable fact behind this.

Hockey Andhra Pradesh senior women’s team before they left for Bangalore

Hockey Andhra Pradesh senior women’s team before they left for Bangalore

This time around, amidst exams and the closure of the academic year, the ASV hosted a national level Hockey camp. This camp housed 36 young women, the finest athletes that Andhra Pradesh has to offer to the game. These young women put in their heart and soul into this preparatory camp that would lead upto the upcoming nationals. Continue reading →

Schedule and Result: 12th South Asian Games (Men & Women Hockey)

12th South Asian Games (Men & Women Hockey)

South Asian Games Logo 2016Venue: Moullana Md. Tayabullah Hockey Stadium, Bhetapara, Guwahati
Dates: 5th to 16th February, 2016

Participating teams in Hockey (7th to 12th February, 2016):
Men’s Teams: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
Women’s Teams: India, Nepal, Sri Lanka

Detailed Schedule and Result of 12th South Asian Games Hockey Competitions (Men and Women): Continue reading →

Ireland (M) and Japan (W) qualify for Rio Olympics as Kookaburras and Hockeyroos won Oceania Cup

  • Ireland men confirm their place in the hockey event at Rio 2016 as Australia win Oceania Cup
  • First Irish hockey team to take part in the Olympic Games since 1908
    Fifth place finish in Hockey World League Semi-Final enough to secure Ireland’s qualification
  • Japan women confirm their place in the hockey event at Rio 2016 as Australia and New Zealand qualify for Oceania Cup final
Ireland men's hockey team during FINTRO Hockey World League Semi-Final 2015 in Antwerp (Credits: Grant Treeby)

Ireland men’s hockey team during FINTRO Hockey World League Semi-Final 2015 in Antwerp (Credits: Grant Treeby)

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has confirmed that Ireland men and Japan women have qualified for the hockey event at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. It marks the first time in over 100 years since an Irish hockey team participated in an Olympic Games, with their men picking up the silver medals in the inaugural Olympic hockey event which took place in London, England in 1908. Continue reading →