Taluk Champions Maria Niketan won Allan Macbride Memorial Hockey Tournament

Confident with their win at the Taluk Level tournament, Jude Felix Hockey Academy boys representing Maria Niketan School won the Allan Macbride Memorial Hockey Tournament by defeating St.Germain High School on 10th august 2012.

JFHA boys representing Maria Niketan School won Allan Macbribe Memorial Hockey Tournament

JFHA boys representing Maria Niketan School won Allan Macbribe Memorial Hockey Tournament

Maria Niketan took the lead early in the game when Robinson set up Ramario at the top of the D and slammed the ball home. Germains soon equalized from their only penalty corner of the half. Maria Niketan enjoyed territorial domination for an extended period in the 2nd half, however gave way for an equalizer by Karan Dayal of Germains. At full time, both teams had scored 2 goals each leading to extra time. The golden goal win again came via an inch perfect pass from Robinson to Romario who made no mistake to seal victory for Maria Niketan. Continue reading →

Clash of the egos kill the SPORT

The Indian Hockey team did not qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympics? That was painful, no doubt. However, in my opinion, not qualifying was/is still a better outcome than the disgrace of finishing last, failing to win a single match!. I mean after a long wait of 4 years, a wait of hope, for both players and hockey lovers, one did not see a performance from the Indian team. Sure, we qualified for the competition but then failed to compete.

Hockey India LogoThe next sequence of events is very predictable. After the home coming, the players would be made the scapegoats. Sack a few, make some changes and the circus shall continue until 2016. This can surely not be right, can it? The on field performance is only a reflection of the preparation, a process of which the selectors, administrators and the coaching staff are all an integral part of. Questions should be raised about the selection, about the effectiveness of the training camps conducted. Why should the players alone bear the brunt? The least that the national coach can do is to be a man and admit ‘his’ failure and not take the easy way out of blaming the players.  Continue reading →

Mr Manuel Fredricks, the 1972 Munich Olympic medalist visits JFHA

During this Olympic season we, at the Jude Felix Hockey Academy, had the privilege to host Mr Manuel Fredricks, the 1972 Munich Olympics medalist at the JFHA ground.

1972 Munich Olympics Medalist Manuel Fredicks With JFHA Kids

1972 Munich Olympics Medalist Manuel Fredicks With JFHA Kids

Mr. Fredricks, a LION HEARTED goalkeeper of his times, hails from the Kannur district in Kerala.  He donned the Indian colors from 1971 – 1978 & represented the country at the 1972 Munich Olympics, winning a bronze medal, which was the highlight of his career.  He also guarded the Indian post with distinction at the 1971 Barcelona World Cup, 1978 Buenos Aires World Cup & 1974 Tehran (Iran) Asian Games, and also also served in the Indian Army [ASC]. Continue reading →

India’s Hockey “BLUES”…Few Questions raised by a Hockey Fan

My friends, mostly non hockey-following, have been posing this question to me – ‘what’s happening with Indian hockey?’, and I am sick and tired of hearing this! I am sure though, that the whole country is asking the same!.

Chief Coach Michael Nobbs

File Photo: Coach Nobbs overseeing a practice session

All I have to say is, What can you expect from a foreign coach? First he blamed the blue turf, now it’s the players who are his target.

Mr. Nobbs, I have some questions for you:

* “Blue turf..…too bouncy, cant convert pc’s”…..so whose fault is it? when you very well knew this change in turf for the Olympics, what/who stopped you from taking the team for pitch practice well in advance? Continue reading →