Our Objective:
The Fans of Hockey began with an objective of providing all the news and updates about HOCKEY at one place… we dedicate this valuable space in the cyber world to all the fans of the game and love them for their love for the game… Our motive is to home all the news and happenings in hockey so that the lovers of the game do not have to search for information anywhere else..

The Catalysts and Reactions:
The website was born from a discussion about media’s negligence towards Hockey, in a community called “Indian Hockey Fans” in Orkut (a social networking site), just before the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in the year 2010. Realizing that the passion for the game should not be lost due to lack of information from a consistent source, I (Manoj Mahala) started blogging hockey news on blogger.com as “the hockey fan” which eventually moved to wordpress.com and now evolved into an independent website (which you are currently viewing), the transition was possible only because of the amazing response for and from thefansofhockey .

The team at thefansofhockey.com is people with a passion for the sport. We welcome articles, photographs, stories and everything you have to say about HOCKEY, and Pride!!! Email us @  thefansofhockey [at] gmail . com.

Join us to strengthen the spirit of “thefansofhockey” around the world by spreading the word and help us communicate the game to one and all..

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