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Kalinga Lancers revealed their new  team jersey for the upcoming season of Hero Hockey India League, starting January 22, 2015.  Lancers Captain Vickram Kanth and Head Coach Jude Felix launched their jersey today at Hotel Mayfair, followed by the team announcement of Kalinga Lancers and uncovering a gleaming golden ‘Man of the Match’ Trophy, one of its kinds, at the ceremony.

Kalinga Lancers for Hockey India League 2015

Kalinga Lancers for Hockey India League 2015

The Lancers will be seen sporting a vibrant orange and white coloured jersey proudly when they step out on their home turf against Ranchi Rays, at Kalinga Stadium on the first day of the League. The Kalinga Lancers jersey in this edition will don cosmetic changes which enhances the overall look and feel, making it appear more energetic and full of life. What stole the show was the ‘Man of the Match’ Trophy – that was unveiled keeping in view the craze and passion that the people of Bhubaneswar have in their hearts for Hockey. The unique golden-in-colour trophy has a figure of a player with a hockey stick in his hands, above a golden round ball which rightly conveys the message of taking the popular game to the entire world. It rests on a wooden stand with a plaque that exhibits the team’s logo on it with utmost pride. This is one of a kind trophy that the franchisee of Kalinga Lancers has introduced and will be awarded to the ‘Man of the Match’ for matches being played in Bhubaneswar.

Speaking post the unveiling ceremony,  Kalinga Lancers Captain Vickram Kanth said, “The new look of the team jersey is very pulsating and you immediately feel all charged up when you have a look at it. I am immensely amazed by the ‘Man of the Match’ trophy. It is really very encouraging and matchless. I am eagerly waiting to don the new look, along with my team-mates, and walk into the stadium with heads held high.

Remarking on the new team jersey and the trophy, Coach Jude Felix said, “The boys look extremely confident and well-groomed in this new look. The effervescent colour combination will make them more energetic and I am sure they will stand out in this League. I wish the young Lancers a successful League ahead.

Speaking after the practice session, Reolant Oltmans, Coach of Uttar Pradesh Wizards said,The training of the players is going very well. The group practice is fine. The team is gelling well. It has been great going as far as our practice sessions are concerned and we are looking forward for a really great tournament this season.

In another training session Santa Singh, midfielder of Dabang Mumbai said,I am feeling good to play for Dabang Mumbai. I am having good experience training with such experienced team-mates. I am feeling lucky that I am getting to play with top players of the world from all different parts of the world. Playing in the HHIL is a good experience for a young player like me. We will try to play good game and we are hoping for a good result. We will give our 100% in every match that we play.

Speaking about the atmosphere in Ranchi, Ranchi Rays’ midfielder Manpreet Singh said,The atmosphere and weather in Ranchi is suitable for our practice sessions. Most of the players have adapted with the conditions here and we are working hard on our stamina, which matters the most in this sport. Our team enjoys a good support from the crowd and that is very motivational for us. We are looking forward to the HHIL and very confident that we will win the League this season.

Delhi Waveriders’ midfielder Rupinder Pal Singh said after his hectic session,We are working on various departments in our team and expecting a very good show from our side. In every practice sessions, we are working on different things and these sessions are very helpful for the players. As defending Champions, we are confident and our team is well-prepared.

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