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New Delhi, 17 December 2014: Hockey India today launched “Hockey India On-line Academy Platform” ( The platform is a step towards to produce and nurture young talent in hockey by supporting the coaches who are responsible towards the development of young talent from the grass-roots level.

At "Hockey India On-line Academy Platform" launch: Elena Norman (CEO Hockey India), Roelant Oltmans (Director High Performance), Arun Arora (Chief Comm Officer Cairn India) and Sourav Das (Corporate Affairs & Comm,Cairn India)

At “Hockey India On-line Academy Platform” launch: Elena Norman (CEO Hockey India), Roelant Oltmans (Director High Performance), Arun Arora (Chief Comm Officer Cairn India) and Sourav Das (Corporate Affairs & Comm,Cairn India)

The Hockey India On-line Academy platform is a comprehensive programme designed and created by Hockey India. This Online Hockey Academy platform is aimed at helping the coaches sitting in different parts of the country to learn the new tricks, strategies and development in the game and they in turn can inculcate in the daily learning routing of the young brigades.

We, The Fans of Hockey, got a chance to have a look inside the website, can say it is very well done. We are sure it would be very useful for the coaches, keeping them abreast with the latest techniques of coaching and who in turn can work towards ensuring that the players adapt to these technical aspects.

We, believe the platform will reduce the gaps between the Hockey Academies in India and it is also expected to bring uniformity in the playing styles in all the domestic teams of India. This will be huge benefit for Indian Hockey in future.

The design and user interface is quite simple, which is not only easy to understand for not so internet savvy coaches, but also mobile device friendly. The platform is available to only academies registered with Hockey India.

Speaking on the initiative, Director High Performance, Mr. Roelant Oltmans said, “We realized that the online world is no more limited to a few and everyone is sitting and learning online. While efforts are being put in to physically keep the coaches aware of the development in the game internationally. This online academy platform showcases every facet of the game from the right way to hold the hockey stick to what is the right posture when one wants to hit that perfect penalty corner. The videos even show moments from different matches which help to understand how players react under pressure and the immediate strategies that the team follows on the field”.

Speaking on the occasion, Hockey India Secretary General Mohd. Mushtaq Ahmad said, “It is a proud moment for Hockey India today as we take another step forward in order to foster and motivate the young talents of hockey to learn and adapt to the modern styles of hockey. This initiative is focused at helping the coaches to learn about the latest developments and introduce the same to their respective unit. Also, it’s a known fact, newer and innovative ways of learning will make the players start thinking on the field and in the process cull out one’s own way of playing, which will help him / her grow and get ready for the on-field challenges”.

The Hockey India On-line Academy platform goes LIVE from 17 December 2014 and can be visited on

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