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March 31, 2014: Steel Plant Sports Board defeated Manipur to clinch the title of the 4th Hockey India Junior Men National Championship 2014 (Division B) played in Chennai, while Services Sports Control Board finished 3rd.

Steel Plant Sports Board: Champions of  4th Hockey India Junior Men National Championship 2014 (Division B)

Steel Plant Sports Board’s duo Janma Majhi and Santosh Baxla paired up and took upon the responsibility to finish on the top of the 4th Hockey India Junior Men National Championship 2014 (Division B) with 5-1 victory over Hockey Manipur.

Jamna Majhi went all out from the 13th minute of the match itself and went on to pierce two more in the 28th and the 64th minute and became the top scorer for the team by sneaking in a total of three goals. Supported by Santosh Baxla’s two goals in the 15th and the 56th minute helped the team to clinch an easy 5-1 win. Mantosh Singh of Hockey Manipur did manage to penetrate a field goal in the 42nd minute but the team failed to return any more favours and finished in the second position of the championship.

In the bronze medal match of the championship, Bengal Hockey Association scored the first goal of the game which came through Nitish Nupani in the 33rd minute, sadly also turned out to be the only goal to the team’s credit as Services Sports Control Board took over the control of the match from the 41st minute when Ramandeep pierced in a field goal to level the score at 1-1. Followed by the successful penalty corner conversion support by Haobam Papunao in the 64th minute and Navpreet Singh in the 68th minute of the match, Services Sports Control Board supervised their 3rd spot finish in the Championship leaving Bengal Hockey Association to finish at 4th position.

Today’s Results

FINALS – Steel Plant Sports Board 5 Janma Majhi (13, 28 and 64 min) and Santosh Baxla (15 and 56 min) Vs. Hockey Manipur 1 Mantosh Singh (42 min).

BRONZE MEDAL– Services Sports Control Board 3 Ramandeep (41 min), Haobam Papunao (64min) and Navpreet Singh (68 min) Vs. Bengal Hockey Association 1 Nitish Nupani (33 min).

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