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27 March 2014: On the day-4 of the 4th Hockey India Junior Men National Championship 2014 (Division B) being played at M R Stadium Egmore and YMCA Stadium in Chennai, Services Sports Promotion Board, Steel Plant Sports Board and Manipur booked their places in semi-finals to be played this weekend.

Goal mouth action during Bihar vs Assan match at the 4th Hockey India Junior Men National Championship 2014 (B-Division) at Chennai

Goal mouth action during Bihar vs Assan match at the 4th Hockey India Junior Men National Championship 2014 (B-Division) at Chennai

Services Sports Promotion Board went on to register their fourth consecutive win to qualify for final four from Pool C while Bengal Hockey Association playing its second match continued with its winning streak by beating Gujarat. In the last match of the day Andhra Pradesh had a tough match against Vidarbha Hockey but managed to win the match.

In Pool A match, Steel Plant Sports Board bags on to their third win as they defeated Puducherry with an easy 4-0. Tejesh Deepak scored a brace which included the first goal of the match in the 18th minute itself and the second coming from him in the 31st minute. By the end of the first half Steel Plant Sports Board marked a 3-0 lead over Puducherry. Though Puducherry successfully restricted Steel Plant Sports Board from scoring any goals in the second half, a small error by Puducherry gave Shilanund Bilung of Steel Plant Sports Board an opportunity in the 70th minute to successfully convert a penalty corner and take the lead ahead to a 4-0 win.

In a Pool C match, Bihar successfully damaged the confidence of Assam as they found the target four times within a span of nine minutes of starting from the 1st minute itself. With a huge goal total of 13 goals put up by Bihar, Assam only managed to reply with mere 4 goals. Subash Sanga was the top scorer for Bihar as he scored four goals in the 5th, 34th, 45th and 59th minute of the game, followed by Ravi Kumar who banked three goals to his credit in the 1st, 7th and 18th minute. Bihar swept away the match with the final total of 13 goals to 4.

In another Pool C match, the irrepressible Services Sports Control Board zoomed past Kerala with a 7-0 on board and stormed in to the semi-finals of the championship. The initial blows in the first half by Services Sports Control Board was left unanswered as they took the lead by 3-0 with the help of Ramandeep, Navpreet Singh and Naveen Minz in the 4th, 5th and 8th minute, respectively. Navpreet Singh dunked in two more goals in the second half of the match in the 39th and 42nd minute and became the highest scorer with a total of three goals in his pocket. The second half of the match saw Services Sports Control Board slicing four more goals and registering a 7-0 victory over Kerala.

In another match Bengal Hockey Association took on Gujarat and beat them 13 -3 giving them their second win in a row. The team got a penalty corner opportunity in the 4th minute and which was converted through Ashok Kujur’s stick. In the 7th minute the team was leading with 2 goals through Raushan Kumar field goal. While the team added another 4 goals in the 10th, 19th, 23rd and 27th minute on the other hand Gujarat managed just 1 goal in the 21st minute when Amal managed to score a field goal. Going into the break Bengal Hockey Association was leading with 6 goals to 1. In the second half Gujarat immediately went on the attack and in the 36th minute scored their second goal which was again a field goal which came from the stick of Pradyumna Gaikwad. But Bengal Hockey Association immediately took control of the situation and the penalty corner that they got in the 37th minute was converted by Rahul Singh. The team went on to score back to back goals in the rest of the session and won the game with 13 -3.

The last match of the day was a closely contested match with very less to choose from both the teams. Andhra Pradesh beat Vidarbha Hockey with 4 -3 and continued with its winning form. Both the teams maintained their attack on each other and finally in the 20th minute Ramkrishan scored a brilliant field goal. Ramkrishan also converted the penalty corner that the team bagged in the 27th minute giving the team a 2-0 lead. Just before the end of the first session Vidarbha scored its 1st goal in the 32nd minute which they converted through a penalty corner. At the end of the first session Andhra Pradesh was leading with 2 goals to 1. In the second half Andhra Pradesh scored another goal in the 41st minute and this time again it was Ramkrishan’s stick which did the needful taking the team to a very strong position. In the 54th minute Chandar Shekhar of Andhra Pradesh scored the team’s 4th goal. Vidarbha tried coming back into the game and they added 2 back to back field goals in the 58th and 66th minute. But the efforts could not help them win the match against Andhra Pradesh.

Results of the Day (27th March)-

Pool A – Steel Plant Sports Board 4 Tejesh Deepak (18 and 31 min), Santosh Baxla (28 min), Shilanund Bilung (70+ min) Vs. Puducherry 0.

Pool C – Bihar 13 Subash Sanga (5, 34, 45 and 59 min), Ravi Kumar (1, 7 and 18 min), Bishram Dodray (8 and 63 min), Manish Kumar Kashyap (21 min), Anand Kumar Bara (30 min), Jony Kumar (48 min) and Prem Rajan Ekka (56 min) Vs. Assam 4 Bedadyuti Chakraboraty (11 min), Pankaj Basu Matary (46 min), Minaj Ali (66 min) and Rituraj Boro (69 min).

Pool C – Services Sports Control Board 7 Ramandeep (4 min), Navpreet Singh (5, 39 and 42 min), Naveen Minz (8 and 55 min) and Anup Minz (62 min) Vs. Kerala 0.

Pool B Bengal Hockey Association 13 Ashok Kujur (4, 51 min), Raushan Kumar (7, 10, 54 min), Rahul Singh (19, 23, 37 min), Nitish Nupani (27 min), Sanjay Paswan (47, 58 min), Buren Kumar Lakra (66 min), Ayan Chakraboraty (69 min) Vs Gujarat 3 Amal (21 min), Pradyumna Gaikwad (36 min), Peter Thomas (68 min)

Pool B Andhra Pradesh 4 Ramkrishan (20, 27, 41 min), Chandar Shekhar (54 min) Vs Vidarbha Hockey 3 Ahfaz Pathan (32, 66 min), Prafulla Lohangare (58 min)


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