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SAI ‘A’ held DYES ‘A’ for 1-1 draw to win Karnataka State Women’s Hockey League Championship 2013, which concluded on Friday at the KSHA Hockey Stadium in Bangalore. The winners SAI ‘A’ got richer by INR 30,000/- while the runners DYES ‘A’ were awarded with INR 20,000/-.

RDT Hockey Academy (Stick for India) Anantapur Goalkeeping Training Session

Navneeta (Best Goalie) trains here at RDT Hockey Academy

Individual Awards:
Best Goal Keeper – Kumari Navneeta (RDT)
Best Defender – Bhagyashree (SAI ‘A’)
Best Half – Kavyashree (DYES Mysore)
Best Forward – Chaithra (Vasu Sports Club)
Player of the Tournament – Sushma ( SAI ‘A’)

Both the teams, DYES ‘A’ and SAI ‘A’, were pool toppers in the 1st phase of the tournament, while in 2nd phase both finished on 7 points from 2 wins and a draw each, same goal difference of +9 each and are separated only by goal scored (10 and 13 respectively). However DYES ‘A’ was only unbeaten in the league as the champions SAI ‘A’ had lost 0-1 to Vasu SC, Hubli in a match in the first phase of the championship.

RDT Hockey Academy, Anantapur (AP) would not go empty handed as their goalkeeper Kumari Navneeta was adjudged best goalkeeper of the Championship, though they had missed a spot in 2nd phase to Vasu SC, Hubli and SAI ‘A’ on goal difference.

Karnataka State Women’s Hockey League Championship 2013: 2nd Phase Schedule and Results:


Date Time Team Vs Team
11.9.13 930 am DYES ‘A’ 3-0 Vasu S C, Hubli
1030 am S A I ‘A’ 9-2 S A I ‘B’
12.9.13 930 am DYES ‘A’ 6-0 S A I ‘B’
1030 am S A I ‘A’ 3-1 Vasu S C, Hubli
13.9.13 930 am S A I ‘B’ 2-1 Vasu S C, Hubli
1030 am DYES ‘A’ 1-1 S A I ‘A’

Day 1:
DYES ‘A’ Beat Vasu Sports Club, Hubli by 3 – 0
DYES ‘A’: Rashmi – 2nd; Nandini – 54th; Kavyashree – 59th PC

SAI ‘A’ Beat SAI ‘B’ by 9 – 2
SAI ‘A’: Bhagyashree – 24th PC; Sushma – 27th, 36th, 42nd, 46th; Ranjitha – 37th, 48th; Nischitha – 39th, 50th; Leelavathy – 53rd
SAI ‘B’: Indushree – 12th; Vishma – 35th

Day 2:
DYES ‘A’ Beat SAI ‘b’ 6 – 0
DYES ‘A’: Tanushree – 5th; Ranjitha – 12th; Sandhya – 27th, 59th; Nandini – 52nd; Komala – 56th

SAI ‘A’ Beat Vasu Sports Club, Hubli by 3 – 1
SAI ‘A’: Sushma – 42nd; Leelavathy – 44th; Ranjeetha – 55th
Vasu SC: Chaitra .K.C. – 60th

Day 3:
SAI ‘B’ Beat Vasu Sports Club. Hubli by 2 – 1
SAI ‘B’: Keerthanaa – 23rd; Vishma .A.A – 30th
Vasu SC: Chaitra .K.C. – 55th

DYES ‘A’ Drew with SAI ‘A’  by 1 – 1
DYES ‘A’: Nandini B P – 15th
SAI ‘A’: Nischitha M S – 15th

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