The Fans of HockeyDomestic HockeyResults and Schedule of KSHA State Super Division Hockey League 2012-13: 1st Phase

Schedule and Results of KSHA State Super Division Hockey League 2012-13: 1st Phase 1st Round

Venue: KSHA Hockey Stadium (Map) Bangalore
from 11th Feb to 20th Feb, 2013

Teams Qualified to 2nd round:

(Results of 2nd Round here)

P C T C A S C M E G ‘A’
Canara Bank A B H A D Y S S ‘A’
BEML, Bangalore Central Excise KSP
M L I Malaysia H A L
M E G ‘B’

Schedule and results (scroll down for goal scorers and other details):

Date Time Pool Team Vs Team
11.2.13 15:00 C HAL 2-1 DYSS ‘A’
16:30 A MLI 2-1 BEML
12.2.13 15:00 C MEG ‘A’ 0-1 DYSS ‘A’
13.2.13 13:45 C DYSS ‘A’ 4-2 KSP
15:00 C MEG ‘A’ 5-1 HAL
14.2.13 15:00 A BEML 1-1 PCTC
16:30 B ASC 4-2 ABHA
15.2.13 15:00 B CANARA BANK 3-0 BEML
16:30 B ASC 3-1 MEG ‘B’
16.2.13 16:15 B MALAYSIA 6-2 ABHA
17.2.13 15:00 A PCTC 4-2 MLI
18.2.13 15:00 C MEG ‘A’ 3-2 KSP
16:30 B MEG ‘B’ 3-1 ABHA
19.2.13 13:30 A KSP 2-1 HAL
16:30 B MALAYSIA 4-0 MEG ‘B’
20.2.13 13:45 B PCTC 5-0 CANARA BANK
16:30 B MALAYSIA 2-1 ASC
Note: Subject to the approval of the tournament officials any match(es) may be rescheduled due to unforeseen reasons.

Day 1 Results:

1st Match: HAL Beat DYSS by 2 – 1
HAL: Naeemudin – 12th, Ponnanna – 64th
DYSS: Kusha – 13th

2nd Match: MLI, Belgaum beat BEML by 2 – 1
MLI : Kalyan Bengra – 20th, Mahesh Shinde – 52nd
BEML: Somanna – 66th

Day 2 Results:

1st Match: DYSS ‘A’ Beat MEG ‘A’ by 1-0
For DYSS ‘A’: Sheshe Gowda – 66th min.

2nd Match: Canara Bank Beat MLI by 3-2
For Canara Bank: Ronald Kiran – 35th min, M.Bengra – 47th min; Bipin Bopaiah – 50th min.
For MLI: Nilesh Wadekar – 18th min; Ajay Lakra – 58th min.

 Day 3 Results:

1st Match: DYSS Beat KSP by 4 – 2
For DYSS: Own Goal – 3rd min; Seshe Gowda – 9th min; Kusha – 32nd, 47th min.
For KSP: Satish – 34th min; Parmesh – 56th min.

2nd Match: MEG ‘A’ Beat HAL by 5 – 1
For MEG ‘A’: Robin H M – 2nd min; Sajil – 25th, 57th min; Monappa – 45th min; Bopanna – 54th min.
For HAL: Md Naeemuddin – 28th min.

3rd Match: ABHA Beat Central Excise by 2-0
For ABHA: Naresh Kumar K – 42nd min; Sarabjit Singh – 47th min.

Day 4 Results:

1st Match: BEML, Bangalore Drew with PCTC by 1-1
For BEML, Bangalore: Kiran – 22nd min
For PCTC: Cyprind Aind – 8th min

2nd Match: ASC Beat ABHA by 4 – 2
For ASC: Deepu – 30th, 33rd min; Tutti – 49th min; Own Goal – 51st min.
For ABHA: Sarabjit Singh- 53rd min; Md Nizzamuddin – 58th min.

Day 5 Results:

1st Match: BEML, Bangalore Beat Canara Bank by 3-0
For BEML, Bangalore: Kiran – 28thmin, 41st min; Kalappa – 69th min.

2nd Match: ASC Beat MEG ‘B’ by 3-1
For ASC: Feroze – 25th min; Maji – 60th and 61st min
For MEG ‘B’ – Sudhakar – 41st min.

Day 6 Results:

1st Match: Malaysia Beat ABHA by 6-2
For Malaysia: SYAMIM MOHD YUSOF – 3rd min; HAFIZ ZAINOL – 49th min; FAIZ HELMI – 56th min; ZULHAIRI HASHIM – 58th min; FITRI SAARI – 66th min; SOBIRIN ILIAS – 68th min.
For ABHA : Lawrence – 54th min; Md Nizzamuddin – 69th min.

Day 7 Results:

1st Match: PCTC beat MLI 4-2
For PCTC: Rajesh – 15th min, Kujur S – 33rd min, Sairaj Singh – 41st min, Kalyan K – 59th min.
For MLI: Ganesh Patil – 6th min, Kalyan Bhengra – 43rd min.

2nd Match: Malaysia beat Central Excise 6-0
For Malaysia: Fitri Saari – 3rd min, Aqmal Gaffar – 14th min, Redzhwan Jaafar – 16th min, Zulhari Hashim – 24th min, Dangerous Lee 59th & 65th min.

Day 8 Results:

1st Match: MEG ‘A’ Beat KSP by 3 – 2
For MEG ‘A’ : Rohit Tirkey : 13th min; Robin – 47th min; Sujith – 56th min.
For KSP: Rajashekar – 3rd min; Mahesh – 21st min.

2nd Match: MEG ‘B’ Beat ABHA by 3 – 1
For MEG ‘B’  : Nagaraj – 10th min; Sunil – 51st min; Sudhakar – 69th min.
For ABHA: Md Nizzamuddin – 43rd min.

Day 9 Results:

1st Match: KSP Beat HAL by 2 – 1
For KSP: Rajashekar – 8th min; Mahesh – 36th min.
For HAL: Teja Babu – 32nd min.

2nd Match: ASC Drew with Central Excise 1-1
For ASC: Gurpreet Singh – 11th min
For Central Excise – Karan – 68th min.

3rd Match: Malaysia Beat MEG ‘B’ by 4-0
For Malaysia: Fiaz Helmi – 27th, 49th min; Rashid Baharom – 32nd min; Rizwan Jaffer – 66th min.

Day 10 Results:

1st Match: PCTC Beat Canara Bank by 5 – 0
For PCTC: Rajesh – 1st, 15th min; Surine Ernius – 6th min; Kalyan – 41st min; Kujur – 46th min.

2nd Match: MEG ‘B’ Beat Central Excise by 4-3
For MEG ‘B’: Sanjib Dung Dung – 20th min; S Singh – 54th min; Sudhakar – 60th, 64th min.
For Central Excise: Sathya – 8th; 34th; 61st min.

3rd Match: Malaysia Beat ASC by 2 – 1
For Malaysia: Kavin Karthik – 44th min; FIRHAN ASHARI – 67th min.
For ASC: Chittiappa – 31st min.

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