The Fans of HockeyFIHIOA’s 3-Members Committee to decide: Who will govern the Hockey in India?

A 3-members committee, headed by former Wrestling Federation of India President G S Mander along with Indian Weightlifting Federation chief Birendra Prasad Baishya and Handball Federation of India Secretary General S M Bali, was set up by Indian Olympic Association (IOA) to decide on who should run the game in the country out of the two warring bodies — Hockey India (HI) or Indian Hockey Federation (IHF).

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The committee, which was formed a month ago under the directive of International Hockey Federation (FIH), has received the views of HI and IHF in writing and will hear their representatives on August 21.  Report of the committee will be submitted to the IOA and FIH before 31 August 2012.

The tussle between HI and IHF is long-standing, even after many rounds of talks with intervention of sports ministry and IOA.

After dissolution of IHF in 2008, Hockey India took over the hockey administration in country, but it has been in mess since then. In 2010, the Delhi High Court reinstated the IHF, but HI enjoyed the support of FIH and the Supreme Court of India, allowed Hockey India select the Indian hockey teams for international tournaments, including the Olympics.

Meanwhile, sports ministry de-recognised Hockey India (read: Govt’s letter of HI de-recognition) in July 2010 and had informed it to FIH (read: Govt of India’s letter to FIH) but the situation did not change.

A year later, both the bodies had another round of talks and proposed a Joint Executive Board of HI & IHF, which also could not be materialized, even after being discussed in Rajya Sabha.

Right now, Indian Hockey needs to be handled carefully, specially after two consecutive bad outings at Olympics (missed Beijing and finished last in London). The game should be handled single-handedly, which at least will provide an equal chance to all the player to represent India and play hockey without worrying about whether any tournament is recognized or not?

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IOA’s 3-Members Committee to decide: Who will govern the Hockey in India? — 1 Comment

  1. I know that you also remember that when Mr.Maken make agreement between HI and IHF ,that time FIH and IOA Mr.Vijay Malhotra named that agreement as Live in Realtionship. Both bodies not support this agreement and Now after the disaster IOA and FIH are doing the same what they refused earlier.
    Malhotra we know coming form BJP ,he has to oppose the dicision which Govt.made.
    Our GOVT.Should be strong and Our respected courts need to take this matter on very serious note.WE CANT’T GIVE THE FREEDOM TO ANY BODY( HI OR IH OR IOA) PLAY WITH COUNTRIES PRIDE WITH THEIR EGOS OR POLITICS.
    IOA now wants the pace of this matter slow.

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