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Current Canadian captain Ken Pereira among list of 7 Canadians and 4 South Africans

World Series Hockey has a signed a host of internationals from Canada and South Africa.

 The signed players are Clive Terwin, Geowynne Kyle Gamiet, Lungile Tsolekile & Shanyl Balwanth from South Africa; Adam Froese, Antoni Kindler, Iain Smythe, Mark Pearson, Ken Pereira, Richard Hildred & Sukhwinder Singh Gabbar from Canada.

The line up from the African and North American regions includes a current international captain and a set of players who have played close to 800 international matches amongst them.

Ken Pereira, captain of the Canadian hockey team and one of the 7 Canadian players on the WSH roster, said, “World Series Hockey is a huge platform to raise the profile of our sport globally. With the diverse mix of international players in the fray, this is a tournament that is truly global. India is a great place to play, the fans are really passionate about the sport. I have some good memories from playing in the WC and CWG in 2010”

Lungile Tsolekile, a forward and one of the 4 South Africans players in WSH, said, “It’s a great opportunity to be able to play in a tournament of the stature of WSH. For all of my South African counterparts, it is going to be a fantastic learning experience playing with a host of international stars on the same team. World Series Hockey will see a face-off between the best players from around the world and I am proud to be a part of this esteemed event”

Karl Da Costa, Deputy General Manager of Nimbus Sport, said “With the signing of international players from the African and North American regions, World Series Hockey continues to build a pool of diverse global talent. The league will definitely engage fans with different styles of hockey merging to provide spectacular entertainment.”

The WSH will be held from February 29th to April 2nd, 2012 and will involve 200 leading players — Indian and international — who will showcase their talent in 59 matches. The 8 venues for the inaugural edition of the league are Bengaluru, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Jalandhar, Mumbai and Pune. .

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