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After our 2011 calendars  (1. Calendar 2011 and 2. Calendar 2011: Dedicated to Women’s Team and 3. Calendar 2011: Dedicated to Men’s Team ) popularity we have decided to launch calendar for 2012 (the London Olympic Year). And here we present you the first design of the calendar and you can expect a few more in the series in coming days.

Wish you all Merry Christmas
Guess the player in the calendar, write down his name in comments and also if you are interested in prints of the calendars

We sincerely thank Bharat Chhikara for doing photoshoot with us. You can check our old calendars which are included below:

calendar 2011 men     Calender 2011 Women     calendar 2011


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The Fans of Hockey Calendar 2012 #1 — 9 Comments

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  2. Hello sir,
    A great thanks to the whole ‘ thefansofhockey ‘ team for making this wonderful calendar 2012.
    I think its Bharat Chikara in the pic. Also I needs a copy of the calendar. So, plz let me know how and from where to get it.


  3. Season’s greetings to you and all hockey fans.
    I like 2012 calendar. Sorry could not name the player.
    Please let me know about hard copy of it.

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