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This is the song Composed and Produced by Siddharth Kasyap for Abhi Foundation,which coached more than 200 underprivileged children in Hockey and other Team Sports. The purpose of this showreel is to promote sports and motivate youth for active participation in team sports . This is released by youth icon and president of Yuva Sena Aaditya Thakarey and Current Hockey sensation Yuvraaj Walmiki in presence of the legendary M.R Negi and Dhanraj Pillay. The video is shot by Kallol Sen and lyrics are penned by Shakeel Azmi.

Dum-Bhar-keAbhi Foundation’s Mission:
Our mission is to give athletically gifted children from municipal schools and shelters a new direction to explore and excel in. We want to divert these young minds from the pitfalls of poverty towards more positive reinforcements that team sports like hockey, football and kabbadi would provide.
Our priority is to provide training that is professional, well rounded and thorough. We want to instil the children in our academies with a sense of self value and esteem. We want to them to contemplate their future with hope and enthusiasm and most importantly, we want them to become strong contributors to society.
We also aim to prepare children who wish to make a profession out of sports, for them Abhi Foundation is a stepping stone for national-level playing.
Through our academies we:
Train with the help of a highly experienced group of coaches.
Provide practice ground, sports paraphernalia and a nutritious diet.
Maintain regular practice sessions.

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