A plea: Don’t deprive us of Hockey

I was hopeful when Joint Executive Board (JEB) of HI and IHF was announced. And I wished that mechanism will work which will be helpful in the uplifting of Indian Hockey and Hockey in general through WSH and other tournaments being hosted in India in next four years. Though I was little apprehensive about HI and IHF, whether they will keep their words and leave aside their egos. But, after the statement of FIH (appended below in the article) regarding the governance of Hockey in India and Indian Olympic Association(IOA)’s objection (read here) on JEB, it seems that the decision taken by MYAS (GoI), HI and IHF is not good enough. Until, IHF and HI move forward from current deal signed by them and amend it in such a way that it follows the Olympic Charter and fulfill the criteria of FIH, and the option is the full merger of HI and IHF. I hope they (HI-IHF) understand the need of hour, will do needful as soon as possible. And if you (HI-IHF) do not understand the need of hour, listen to the fans, don’t deprive us of Hockey because of you and your big egos, we want to see the international matches/tournaments in India/on television, we want to cheer for team India in Champions Trophy and Olympic Qualifiers, we want to cheer our teams (whether Bangalore or Delhi or Manipur doesn’t matter) in WSH. So when we will see a governing body for Hockey in India which acceptable to all, not in terms of egos but in terms criteria and most importantly works for Hockey not for FIH or IOA.

Practice Match Team India 2011

Practice Match at National Camp of Team India at MEG Bangalore, we want to cheer for them in MDC National Stadium

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Is it time for Hockey?

Is it time for Hockey? (July 24, 2011) by Jashanpreet Singh Gill

3 Million $ prize, 178 Players, 40 foreign players from around 10 countries, a club structure. What does it sound like? Football, wait I am talking about India, then it must be Cricket. No its not Football neither it is cricket, it is the national game of India, one in which it has won a record 8 Olympic Gold Medals, yes it is Hockey.

world series hockeyThe WSH-World Series Hockey after a long silence after its initial announcement in December last year is set to played in Dec and Jan this year. The Nimbus had a launch program in Mumbai recently and where it also declared to have reached an understanding with FIH and the participating players would be safe as opposed to threat of bans earlier. The sport minister is also trying hard to have an HI-IHF merger and if it goes through then things will start to go in hockey’s favor after a long time.

The WSH is set to have 8 Franchise based on IPL model. 6 teams location have been declared as metros-Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai and the 6th one is the Hockey powerhouse of India- Punjab (With Chandigarh, Jullundur & Amritsar as 3 locations). The rest 2 locations have to be decided from a shortlisted location of the left out metro-Kolkata, hockey’s second power location- Rourkela & cities and towns like Pune, Kanpur etc) Continue reading →

Joint Executive Board of HI & IHF = National Sports Federation for Hockey

As per a 25-July, 2011 press release from Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt of India, “In a significant way forward, Indian Hockey Federation (I.H.F) & Hockey India (H.I) today came together to sign an agreement leading upto formation of a joint executive board which shall perform the function of the National Sports Federation for Hockey. ”

Indian Hockey Federation

Indian Hockey Federation

Is it a really way forward, may not be, as K Arumugam of stick2hockey.com writes the facts which may have been ignored by most of columnists, “Whether we add medals to our kitty or not, whether we add quality players to our national team or not, we are adept at adding organizations. Indian Hockey Confederation (2000), IHF since long, to Ad-Hoc committee (2008) to Hockey India (2009) and then now (2011) now a neo-avtar, Joint Executive Board (JEB). ” (read the full article here)

But, as every other Indian Hockey follower, I am also very happy to see the progress and hopeful that the day, when IHF is back in the thick of action of Indian Hockey, will be the turning point for Indian Hockey. I have written down salient points of the deal between IHF and HI as published by Indian Express and are given below in the current article. I am also helpful that the deal will help in the smooth organization of the first edition of World Series Hockey, an annual hockey league by IHF and Nimbus Sport, which will be another mile stone for Indian Hockey. Continue reading →

FIH Statement regarding World Series Hockey: Press Release

Following various recent reports in the media, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) would like to reiterate its position on the proposed World Series Hockey event which is being developed by the Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) in conjunction with Nimbus Sport.

world series hockeyThe Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) is not recognised by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) as the governing body for the sport in India. The IHF has not been recognised by the FIH since 2000. Instead the FIH recognises Hockey India as the sole national governing body for hockey in India.

The FIH would like to restate that it has not changed its position on World Series Hockey. It remains an unsanctioned event as per the FIH Statutes and Bye-Laws. Continue reading →

World Series Hockey by Nimbus sports

Adrian D'souza, will be leading a team at WSH

World Series Hockey” by Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) and Nimbus Sport has announced the captains and dates for the first edition of the annual hockey league having 61 matches to be played between 15th December, 2011 to 22nd January, 2012. Teams are from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Punjab have confirm. The list of 8 Captains was announced which has 4 Indians (Sardar Singh, Arjun Halappa, Adrian D’Souza, Prabhjot Singh) and 4 Internationals – Brent Livermore (Australia), Rodrigo Garza (Spain), Rehan Butt (Pakistan) & Lucas Vila (Argentina).

The objective of the League is to reinvigorate hockey in India and to make hockey the ‘sport of choice’ for young Indians. Further it aims at creating a milieu for hockey, which can sustain itself financially and provides financial incentive and security to current and future hockey players. Most importantly, it will showcase Indian hockey to the world. An annual event, the League entails participation of upto 10 teams in its first year, using a city based model. The entire event will take place on ‘home and away’ basis culminating into multi header Playoffs.  Each match of the league will be produced and broadcast LIVE on multiple media platforms including Television.

Indian Hockey Team National Camp Size Trimmed

Goalkeeper Baljit Singh, who made a comeback to the Indian hockey camp after a gap of two years due to injury in his right during a national camp in Pune in 2009, was left out of the reduced strength of 48-campers for Indian Hockey Team National Camp for the first Asian Champions Trophy at China in September. The three-day trials to reduce the list of probables for the event concluded at the Sports Authority of India Centre, Bangalore on Friday evening. Hockey India Selectors Col. Balbir Singh, BP Govinda, Thoiba Singh and AB Subbaiah, besides Government Observer Dilip Tirkey witnessed the trials.

The star forward Prabhjot Singh, who was left out from team and camps after Hero Honda FIH World Cup 2010, where India finished lowly 8th, is included the 48, as the govt observer Dilip Tirkey stressed on inclusion of experienced players like Prabhjot Singh, Ignace Tirkey, William Xalxo, Prabodh Tirkey etc. and make them fit for Olympic qualifiers, because junior players can not be drafted directly in senior team as they dont have enough experience to play at top level.

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