The Fans of HockeyDomestic HockeyPlayers are treated badly? but how many times?

There are reports in media that hockey players are being treated badly at Bhopal who arrived to take part in Senior National Hockey Championship 2011. This could be truth but, is MP Govt so weak in organizing tournaments? Or this tournament is being handled by some other organization? I think the answer of both the questions is “NO”, then why this happened? Before concluding anything after seeing media reports, you are requested to read about accomplishments and support given to Hockey by MP Govt, reported at by K. Arumugam. Sometimes,  these glitches are bound to happen, when you organize a tournament at such a big level and you have to accommodate around 7,00 players/officials. And on the top of that you have limited budget, because we are not interested in watching/following the game, hence media is not interested in covering the tournaments and corporates are not interested in sponsoring.

The current tournament, “Senior National Hockey Championship 2011” is being organized jointly by Hockey India and Department of Sports, Madhya Pradesh. In fact, in both the Nationals held in the last five years, 2010 and 2011, MP Govt is associated with rival bodies IHF and HI respectively and they have many more domestic tournament included recently concluded Obaidullah Khan Gold Cup, which has highest prize money among all the domestic hockey tournaments. So, who to blame for players being treated badly, is it MP Govt? May be they are, but going by their past records, I am sure they might have tried their best to have best possible arrangement, but who does not commit a mistake or who does not have any limitations? Go Shivraj Ji Go… keep doing great work for hockey… keep improving with every tournament.

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Players are treated badly? but how many times? — 1 Comment

  1. Very true , without any doubts , CM of M.P. is really giving every possible
    support for Hockey.
    Such incidents should be overlooked.

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