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No wonder, why nobody turned up on the very first of women’s national camp being organized by Hockey India for the preparation upcoming tournaments including Champions Challenge I in June, 2nd Asian Champions Trophy in September and Olympic Qualifiers February 2012? (No takers for hockey camp! Navneet Singh, Hindustan Times – 2 April, 2011), because the rival body IHF (Indian Hockey Federation)’s National Championship for Women is starting from 5th April 2011 in Bangalore (IHF still calling the shots M.S.Unnikrishnan, The Tribune – 5 April, 2011). Earlier railways had planned to participate in National Championship and players were ready to catch their train to Bangalore from Delhi but at last moment Railways withdrawn from the tournament (Railways withdraw from National meet Navneet Singh, Hindustan Times – 5 April, 2011).

Women's Team Training

Women's Team Training

HI secretary-general Narinder Batra, armed with the mandate of FIH in which the international body had warned players for not participating in un-recognised tournaments, threatened players with disciplinary action, if they participate in National Championship being organised by IHF which recognised by as the sole body responsible for the affairs of the sport in the country while HI has the full backing of the FIH.

Hockey lovers, followers, fans including players and sports boards like Railways, etc all are in dilemma, whom they should follow? Who is to be blamed if our teams does not perform in international tournament? Who is responsible for all this mess? Can they (HI and IHF) not sit together and work towards betterment of game, not for their ego and power by threatening the players. And here FIH is acting like Britishers, divide and rule, and take advantage. If HI is favorite of FIH and they are measure source of income for  FIH, then they should learn something from BCCI Cricketing lessons for hockey: Part I“.

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