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India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Malaysia to lock horns with Kookaburras and Hockeyroos in new exciting, fast International Super Series with lots of goals

Unlike any other hockey tournament in the world, Hockey Australia has launched an innovative hockey tournament (i.e. International Super Series) with all new and exciting rules to make the game ever faster, more exciting and broadcast friendly. International Super Series will be held in conjunction with 2011 CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) event in Perth from October 20-23 at the Perth Hockey Stadium.

Bharat chhikara & Jamie Dwyer fighting for ball

File Photo: Bharat Chhikara (India) & Jamie Dwyer (Australia) fighting for ball (©

The tournament sees Australia’s international hockey teams, the Kookaburras and the Hockeyroos, take on some of the world’s best teams including the likes of India, Pakistan, Malaysia and New Zealand. Having India and Pakistan will set up another big contest and preferably a big game for the sub-continent. The series will be good learning experience of fast hockey tactics for the sub-continent teams .

New rules for the International Super Series include:
• Each match consists of two 15 minute halves (instead of 2×35 minute halves) with only 5 minutes break for halftime
• All teams have a maximum of 9 players on the field (instead of 11 players) with 2 players having to stay in the attacking half at all times
• The penalty situations have been simplified to make it more broadcast friendly and easier to understand for new viewers:
– Penalty corner Four attackers vs two defenders + goalkeeper
– Penalty stroke 1-on-1 “Face-off” between a player and the goalkeeper with the player starting at the 23 metre line and having a 1-on-1 challenge against the waiting goalkeeper
• To end a drawn match, use of a “sudden death” system with 1-on-1 face-offs until one team fails to score
• More tolerance of foot & stick contact to reduce unnecessary stoppages in play. If the ball hits the foot outside the circle and it doesn’t influence play – ie non intentional use of foot it will be called play on. Normal foot rules apply as normal in the circle
• Players and coaches interaction to give fans an inner sanctum view of how the best teams in the world operate
• A goal inside the circle will be worth two goals. A goal outside the circle up to the halfline will be worth one goal. The ball must enter the circle no higher than knee/ backboard height from outside the circle for it to count as a goal

Fans can expect to experience hockey like they have never seen it before with a new set of rules and format (mentioned earlier) created by Hockey Australia and national coaches Ric Charlesworth and Adam Commens set to demonstrate the best aspects of hockey while also creating much interest around the tournament.

International Super Series Launch Photo Gallery at HockeyAus website

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  2. hy
    its zohaib here from AFGHANISTAN.i am a gernalist.
    its very good move by Australia,all the hocky fans are waiting for this series.wish you best of luck to organizers

  3. ya..thats a great effort done by Hockey australia..It will help to promote the hockey at Internatiol level more actively….Especially Great work done by Ric Charlsworth…..

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