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Nimbus Sport has entered into an agreement with the Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) to conceptualize, stage and market an annual hockey league called “World Series Hockey” (the League), with the first edition scheduled to be launched in late 2011. The 15 year deal between Nimbus Sport and the IHF is expected to transform the way hockey is played and perceived in India. The objective of the League is to reinvigorate hockey in India and to make hockey the ‘sport of choice’ for young Indians. Further it aims at creating a milieu for hockey, which can sustain itself financially and provides financial incentive and security to current and future hockey players. Most importantly, it will showcase Indian hockey to the world. An annual event, the League entails participation of upto 10 teams in its first year, using a city based model. The entire event will take place on ‘home and away’ basis culminating into multi header Playoffs. The first edition of World Series Hockey will take place between November / December 2011 to February 2012, feature upto 100 matches and upto 250 hockey players from India and around the world. Each match of the league will be produced and broadcast LIVE on multiple media platforms including Television.

Mr. R. K. Shetty, President, IHF, said, “This joint initiative between IHF and Nimbus will reinvigorate our national game while injecting additional funds into the development of hockey. Nimbus Sport is one of Asia’s largest Sports Management Company with experience in management and marketing of global events across the world. With their management and marketing excellence plus financial investments, we are confident that Indian Hockey is set for its biggest ever boost. World Series Hockey is a win-win situation for everyone as it will bring back hockey fans and make them cheer the national sport and local talent.”

Mr. Harish Thawani, Executive Chairman, Nimbus Communications Ltd., said, “World Series Hockey will provide hockey players from India and around the world an opportunity to showcase their skills on a prominent platform. This event is only the first in a number of initiatives we have planned in Hockey to help bring back glory to our National Sport.” Mr. Yannick Colaco, Chief Operating Officer, Nimbus Sport, added, “This initiative in Hockey is part of our commitment towards accelerating the growth of sport in India through financial and resource investment. World Series Hockey is an unique hockey event which will immensely benefit all the stakeholders of the game, including the players and the hockey fan” Nimbus Sport shall team up with the IHF to organize, manage, develop, produce, stage, promote and market the League. Nimbus Sport will also market all broadcasting and all other electronic media rights, in connection with the League. Nimbus has committed to underwrite the entire cost of the League as well as provide IHF with an annual fee for the development of hockey in India amounting to over Rs. 30 crores over the period of the contract OR a share of League profits, whichever is higher.

About Nimbus Sport

Nimbus Sport, a subsidiary of Nimbus Communications Limited, is a leading full sports rights management and marketing company providing a complete range of solutions in sport, from on-ground to on-air. Nimbus markets the global media rights for all International cricket played in India in an exclusive arrangement with the BCCI. In addition to the rights acquired from the BCCI, it has acquired and manages certain rights with respect to other sports federations, including Bangladesh Cricket Board, Asian Cricket Council Cricket Kenya and Singapore Cricket Association. Nimbus Sport is also a leading producer of the World Feed for LIVE sports events and has produced over 3,800 hours of LIVE content for sports events.

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Nimbus Sport, Indian Hockey Federation Enters into an Agreement: World Series Hockey — 6 Comments

  1. Yes, Hockey will very much change in this decade, not only through the World Series….. I has changed already, but nobody has noticed it in Asia. See the attached article of mine.

    New trends in hockey coaching:


    During the last couple of years there has been a tendency in German football which will soon triumph world-wide also in other sports, like hockey. For the first time since decades, football, generally a sport which shows little enthusiasm for innovations, may become the forerunner for other team sports like hockey when it comes to achieve better performance levels than ever before.

    Everyone knows that adequate levels of knowledge bring considerable advantages in all areas of life. This is not only the case in school but also in any employment but also in maintaining a reasonable quality of life for the third generation above 70 years.

    All of our organs and especially the muscles have to be stimulated with specific training in order to function optimally and effectively and to maintain their state for a long time. For decades we have trained the athletes and players, focusing mainly the attention to the heart and other muscles. With every time more effective methods and better performance levels were achieved, which resulted in always better results – always higher, further, faster, stronger and more enduring!

    In search for further improvement, psychologists were introduced in the second half of the last century. They helped to unlock the dormant potential of the athletes and players.

    In the 90’s technology became the big trend in our daily life and was massively used also in the world of sport as well as in football. Computer sciences, videos and a great variety of software for game and performance analysis improved the quality of training and its planning as well as the performance in competition.

    At the start of the new millennium, together with the technology, the least investigated human organ was discovered also in football: the brain. Big companies which were looking each year for better results showed hockey and other sports the way. Since the last decade of the last century more and more companies trained their employees during their work with brain-jogging courses and similar the brain stimulating activities to improve their individual performance levels as well as the teamwork in the company.

    Being told by scientists that the majority of the population is using less than 2% of the brain and that 98% are remaining generally dormant, there was a real demand for unlocking and stimulating the unlimited potential of the brain for achieving better performances. The results of this brain-training were soon known: more and more companies produced more than ever before and expanded.

    And hockey has not ignored this trend. Just as all the muscles of the human body, (the heart muscle was the first discovered in hockey training in the early 60’s) also the most important one, the brain, needs a well-measured training.

    Through brain-training “the network of neurons” in our head not only functions better and faster, it will create with different stimuli millions of new connections between the new neurons (the so called synapses) what can only benefit the performance of each player or athlete.

    Since the beginning of the new millennium physicians, psychologists and sports teachers have worked hard to propose for the world of sports a great variety of general and specific stimuli to train the brain.* They developed, not only for people of all ages from kindergarten to high performance athletes, but also for all professionals and retirees in special residents for the third generation, particular ways of stimulating their brain.

    Brain-Training in hockey will become in the second decade of this century a trend to follow as the first results were very positive and increased the performance of many players. That is why it has without doubts a big future. Well-known football clubs, like e.g. TSG 1898 Hoffenheim and Borussia Dortmund have already, twice a week, specially trained coaches of “Lifekinetik” for stimulating the brains of their young talents as well as of their professional players. Soon brain-jogging will become as fundamental or as important in training as is was physical or mental fitness in the past. Other football and also hockey clubs will follow in Germany and abroad, as well as the most of the public and private schools, hospitals and residences for the third generation.

    Objective of this new trend in our society is to promote optimally the performance of our brain and increase the basic functions of the two hemispheres, the creative and the logical part of the brain. It is not only beneficial for the mental agility and flexibility, but also for the capacity to concentrate, to process and classify information better. Besides that, new gained knowledge or experiences can be stored better and remain therefore in the long-term memory as the pupil generated the new information or experience on its own. Being mentally up to the demands of the complex and complicated game of hockey, by producing less mistakes, is now possible for all hockey players and that can be achieved with little effort and a lot of fun.
    To summarize it can be said, that besides physical and mental fitness (the basic factors of an optimum performance up to now) the capacity and the quality of the brain becomes in the future increasingly important for the hockey players and needs therefore much more attention. Only those whose brain has been trained several times a week with a variety of stimuli can perform well in competition, become more creative and flexible, can easier solve difficult and complex problems and adapt easier to new situations.

    * See also my articles, books and DVDs, published between 2002-2010 with practical, game-specific propositions to develop game intelligence in football and hockey.

  2. this is what is needed to get back the glorious past of hockey for the subcontinent. i am an olympic champion from a family of olympic champions my father munir dar won gold at rome in 1960 my uncle tanvir dar in 1968 mexcio and me in 1984 los angles. but keeping in view the grat debacle in our country i havestarted a hockey academy in lahore by the name of dar hockey academy which won raja ranjeet singh academies tournment in amritser in 2008and then went on to win meetotherplayers international hockey tournment in vught holland in2010. we raise money from private secter and no government funding and give free of cost boarding and lodging and all the equipment to play. this step of your organisation to promote hockey is the only way forward to revive hockey in the indo-pak subcontinent plz dont behave like ipl and dont leave pakistani players out of this because sports is the only medium which can bring us close again plz reply tauqeer dar

  3. Wow what a great initiative for Indian Hockey. I would just love it and wait for it very eagerly. As per Nimbus the franchisee would be in 10 cities and matches played in 16 cities. My guess of 16 Cities is

    Ludhiana / Jallandhar
    Bhopal / Indore
    Ranchi / Patna / Cochin

    Very curious to know the 10 Franchisee’s

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