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Indian Hockey team is without coach after the contract of Mr Jose Brasa got over on Nov 30, 2010 and national coach resigned after Asian Games 2010 semi-final loss against Malaysia. Now lots of candidate have pitched in, most of them former Indian players and hockey legends like Dhanraj Pillay, etc. Few of them have coached national team at earlier occasions also, and few run their academy to nurture the raw talent of hockey, but at this moment every hockey fan is thinking about the next coach.

Dhanraj Pillay, showing his skills during inauguration of JFHA

Some are supporting Indian hockey legend Dhanraj Pillay for the post. Dhanraj is still playing for Air India, which is considered to be advantageous. It is argued that he understands the current players better, because he has played with/against most of them in national team/domestic tournaments.

Here are some important point about this discussion by Shashank Gupta. The website, which has been very good in analyzing Indian hockey issues, suggests Dhanraj should coach Bombay team first in upcoming hockey nationals to prove his worthiness as a coach. Then who should take up the job for national team? I am favor of retaining Brasa as most of Indian Hockey Fans are. And we fans have the performance of team in Brasa’s tenure to support him.

MM Somaya

MM Somaya (©

Even, we have Olympian Maneyapanda Muthanna Somaya (MM Somaya) to support us and he says, “The issue is not about whether the coach is a foreigner or Indian. Whoever the coach, he should have a good understanding of modern international hockey, modern strategies and how hockey is played by the top nations in the present day. He should have the capability and acumen to take on the top nations and be good at man management.” He feels that any coach of some standing should be given a term of at least four years (from one to other Olympics) to set things right and take it on a steady path. (read more here).

But question remains same, Brasa or somebody else? Whole world knows that Brasa has delivered the results in his tenure, he has transformed the team. Team won first CWG medal and a medal in Asian Games, which was missed in last edition, improved position in World Cup, beaten Pakistan 4 times in a row (which never happened before). I guess this is sufficient to keep him till Olympics, as it will give continuity in coaching methods under which team will play and it very important as explained by Mr K Arumugam in this article. Brasa should be retained and he should be given little freedom in selecting team which he thinks is suitable for competing the best in world.

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