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Opening for Hockey Coach

OTHL wish to start hockey in 2 schools at Saket in South Delhi and is looking for a coach to train beginners. If not volunteer, you can be paid. Are you interested? For more details please contact K Arumugam (+919811662081)

One Thousand Hockey Legs‘Gain Hockey Knowledge’ gains foothold in Delhi

One gets hockey news in the newspapers, television channels and websites. They in part gives an idea of what’s going on in hockey around you.

Young children may be reading newspapers, seeing the channels but we are not sure how much proper knowledge of hockey they get out of these.

It has been, therefore, our endevour to create hockey literature and make it reach it to young hearts.

Recently, we in the Hockey Citizen Group brought out a bouquet of publications.

‘Present day Hockey Players’ is a 24-page booklet. Each page gives a photo of a hockey player and a brief about his hockey career.

There is another one giving image of each of the 16 silver Medallists of the recently held delhi Commonwealth Games.

On our request, Vice-Principal of Govt Secondary High School, Saket, New Delhi, agreed to gather boys of age group 10-15 to listen to a breif of our national game, the importance of playing sports, especially hockey.

Our volunteer (this writer) then spoke in general about the objectives of One Thousand Hockey Legs.

Teachers in the school distributed the booklets and the pamphlets for students from 8th to 10th.

There was a huge enthusiasm among the children to the program. Very interestingly many teachers took interest. They querried on many aspects of Hockey Citizen Group.

On their own some teachers even put the posters on the notice board

A teacher insisted the fact that once interest is created in the young minds, there should be follow up. He event went on to suggest that a hockey team should be started in the school, to sustain the spirit of hockey for which seeds have now been sown

HCG is seized of the matter, might open Delhi as its fifth gateway after Puducherry, Kanpur, Kolkata and Chennai.

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