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DELHI, Oct 14 – Comments from Raj Pal SINGH (IND), Coach Jose BRASA (ESP), Liam DE YOUNG (AUS) and Richard CHARLESWORTH (AUS) after Australia’s 8-0 victory over India in the Men’s Gold medal match at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium on Thursday.


On India’s 8-0 defeat to Australia:

“Our start was good. We took the first short corner. Australia was lucky to score the first goal, and from then they played better and kept scoring.”

“Every time they entered our D they scored.”

On what India can learn from Australia:

“The biggest thing we would want to take from Australia is converting chances into goals. We did it against Pakistan, but now we need to do the same things against the top teams like Germany and Holland.”

Coash Jose BRASA (ESP)

On India getting Silver:

“We’re very sad with the result. But to be second in the world after Australia is a good result. Australia are much better than any other team in the tournament. They score six in the semi, eight in the final, and they won the Champions Trophy and won the World Cup here, so they made it clear they’re two or three steps ahead of the others. We’re happy to be second to them.”

On why India didn’t score in the final match:

“The players are tired. They played out of their skins in the semifinal against England. They are playing out of games against England and Pakistan. We’re humans, not aliens. Everybody knows Australia are a difficult team to beat, and it’s difficult to stop them from scoring. So when the first goal was scored our morale went down.”

On Australia:

“They arrive to the final fresh because they beat all the other teams easily.”

On the opening 15 minutes against Australia:

“The first 15 minutes we were much better than Australia. We were killed by the first goal. It was a stupid goal to give away.”


On Australia’s 8-0 victory over India:

“We got a few late goals that flatter the score line.”

“We took our chances. India just failed in that area.”

Richard CHARLESWORTH (AUS) – coach

On Australia’s 8-0 victory over India:

“We play relentlessly and stop teams trying to challenge us.

“The first 20 minutes was a fierce contest. Even though India had the ball a lot, we didn’t let them penetrate us.’’

“We played well enough to break open the game and outrun them for 70 minutes. We have a way of playing that means that we create more goals even with a lead. We want to defend well, too. Our defensive record is good, with only four goals in six matches.”

“Making another goal in the match is what it’s about, playing for the moment.”

On winning by eight goals:

“I think it’s an aberration. Things were closer than that.”

On the end of the game:

“The last 15 minutes were beyond [India’s] reach, but until then they were still contesting.”

On India’s coach Jose Brasa BANJURJO (ESP):

“He’s done a good job. I can see improvements in the team.”


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