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undefinedWhen in the early 90s when Ric Charlesworth was Women’s Chief Coach of Australia, it was the under-rated Indian women team that broke their continuous victory they made in the previous three years. At Delhi’s Shivaji Stadium, Kaushik’s girls, led by Rajbir Kaur, stuck a goal in the last of three tests to make the great win (1-0). 
Same Charlesworth is here, still basking the glory of giving his country the first World Cup in two decades. 
If the team captain is Grant Schubert, who made senior grade along with Tushar Khandkar in the 2003 Australia four nation, this team cannot be young or second stream, and it has in it few others whom we saw in Delhi in action.  
Today, like the previous days, all the four debutants Rupinder Pal, Amit Prabhakar, Vikas Pillay and Mandeep Antil were adequately used.
If you closely look at the Indian team, Danish Mujtaba and PR Sreejesh, who was the goalie today, are no veterans despite having a great chance to be in the last World Cup.
Therefore, when you almost have six players who are as young as any Australians side here, one cannot say the match was not between nationals teams.

These are the few statement written by Mr Arumugam, who is a well known sports journalist and has been following Indian Hockey closely for decades.
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About the great sports journalist and Hockey Citizen K. Arumugam:
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